Mods are too lax

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WAH, WAH i want my mommy!!

got armour?

damn, i don't know if i should post this but here goes

sorry water the devil made me do it
Sciforums HS Reunion


Here Lieth The Class Of 2005
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Satyr said:
That was it?!!!



My favourite part was when the smart-guy posted the funny-looking-guy's picture which prompted the official-guy to delete it, probably because the funny-looking-guy was no longer amused, and all this while the other-other-guy kept threatening to delete all of his posts from the thread! Hilarious. Then, if that weren't enough, a later-on-guy threatened to delete himself entirely from existence! Too much. Think the series'll continue next season?
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he's teaching this shit to children ophiolite

you are a FUCKING BASTARD happeh

you nazi cocksucker

did your daddy abuse you when you were little happeh?

you are a son of a bitch happeh, yes i called your mother a bitch
and all her children are bastards


tell me where you live you FUCKING COWARD

my opinion of you happeh went straight through the floor.
take yoyur bullshit to yale

like i said before your daddy fondled you didn't he

nazi slut
hah ya fucking cunts, whats rocking in the hore house.

I just been reading the last fucking page of this shitty thread and is damn funny, bastards.
Anyway fags. have the selfproclaimed intelligents of this fucked up site finaly gone to your colletive vacum filled heads or maybe, all ya wankers just have friction burns all over the one eyed gopher.

btw beware the facist above, his the next hitler
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