Most Americans say abortion should be legal

In your opinion, should abortion be legal?

  • Yes. Legal in all circumstances.

    Votes: 5 31.3%
  • Yes. Legal in most circumstances.

    Votes: 9 56.3%
  • Yes. Legal in only a few circumstances.

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  • No.

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  • Unsure / no opinion.

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  • I do not want to participate in this poll. Just show me the results.

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Marilyn Lands(D) just flipped a red seat in the state legislature of Alabama by a margin of over 20 points. She did so by running on the issue of reproductive rights.
A good sign. There is a lot of public reaction against conservative attempts to ban abortion and birth control.
Have been reading about the Comstock Act recently, and how if it is once again re-interpreted that it might have a devastating impact on access to contraceptions.

And that's why Justice Thomas wants a chance at Griswold. The Comstock revival cannot happen as long as Griswold stands.