Nanotechnology - here we come


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Miniaturized rectal probe to be delivered orally: The Israeli researchers who developed the M2A Swallowable Imaging Capsule -- a video camera-enabled pill that can monitor the behavior of human intestines while traveling within them -- gained FDA approval of their device Wednesday. The M2A employs a tiny video camera, light source and transmitter to record the topography of the inner body and transmit its findings to a portable recorder strapped to a subject's waist. Company researchers say the pill, which is about an inch in length, likely will be largely preferred over more invasive endoscope technologies that are inserted orally or rectally. "It's very sci-fi, and initially when the people from Given approached me two years ago I didn't believe it [could work]," said Dr. Blair Lewis of New York's Mount Sinai School of Medicine, who tested the video pill on 20 patients. "I have been shown to be wrong -- it is believable and shows tremendous promise."
Fantastic voyage is not far behind - remote control ofcourse....
It is pretty impresive, but I wonder when we can reduce a machine to a few atoms.

A very good book to read "Vision", all about the future trends in computer, quantum and genetics.