Not remembering already-read threads


Strange loop
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Sometimes when I leave my browser unattended and allow my session to lapse, upon returning some of the more recent threads in my Subscriptions folder that I have already read will be reset to the status they showed at my last login, thus erroneously indicating that they contain unread posts when in fact I have already read the new replies. Curiously, this only happens sometimes -- most of the time, it remembers the threads just fine. Also, it only ever happens upon a new login, never during the middle of a session.

Has anyone else experienced this problem, and do you know of any solutions? I have never experienced this problem while browsing other forums with the same web browser, even when those forums use vbulletin just as SciForums does (although perhaps not the same version). This leads me to believe that it is not a problem with my cookies.

A little experimentation is suggesting that it actually doesn't happen when I simply leave the browser unattended, but rather when I actually close the browser and return a short time later. It may indeed be a cookie problem after all. The curiosity, then, is why it only happens some of the time. :shrug: