Outlook on life...

On good days half full.
Bad days a half empty glass of scume,
puke, and gore.

Just kiding, most days half full, some days half empty.

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I see a glass that's too big. :)

Just kidding. I used to only see the glass as half empty, but once I escaped my parents, all of a sudden the glass started to look half full.
I see both halves - one half is full, one half is empty. Yin-yang. If one half wasn't empty, would we appreciate the half that is full? And vice-versa?
I tend to be an optimist. However, I also try to keep a tab on the difference between what I want, and what I've got.
That was a trick there TS. I read it anyway... This sets people big time...
What about the poor people that realize that the all powerful Jesus is not what they think? Then the burdons would come back heavier...don't you think? Not to mention..they would not learn anything by expecting all the burdons they carry to be lifted away... strength comes from within... Seeking the Spirit of Truth and gaining advice from it is the ONLY way to go-but one has to do the rest for themselves.
No trick intended... Someone forwarded that to me via e-mail yesterday and I thought I'd share a different outlook...
i dont usually drink water. but if it was to see....... say pepsi, then i would think "hell ya, pepsi" and i would drink it.
so i dont think of half anything, i just think of anything

thats all i got

No problemo Flash.

So Dexter, you like stuff, hey? Is flat Pepsi O.K. with you? Or, does it still have to be fizzing? How about Diet Pepsi? Decaffinated? Or, does it have to be the high-test stuff? :)
Warm Diet Pepsi is the best to make loud, resonant belches. Just thought I'd pass that tip on. Just call me Martha Stewart. LOL.
dude, it doesnt matter...... its pepsi, i mean the reg is top, but the others arnt bombs! and flat is like flat surf, go and do something else to it, in other words, flow it with ice and have a rad time

thats all i got