Pantheistic Solipsism


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Hello, I just read a reply given by someone in the "General Philosophy" section that suggested, rather condescendingly, that a poster's referral to Eastern Philosophy in reference to discussing this topic relegated her this segment of the site; as though looking at this from an Eastern perspective somehow disqualifies it as worthy of being considered a "real" philosophy at all. I have to write a 2000 word essay on the subject, so would any of my fellow Buddhists or other "Easterners" care to take a crack at it? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Don't know what stance you have to take in your essay, but basically the concept screams "not even wrong" and "deepity". Even if it weren't, what exactly is the point? If I were you I might mention recent findings by Penrose and whats-his-name about Orch OR. They could imply that all matter has some sort of protoconsciousness or something.