Yes *:)* Ive been doing photography for about 4 years just as a hobbie
For what it's worth ...

Mostly amateur starting with a Kodak 'Hawkeye' (to give you an idea of how long ago) to an Argus C-3 for 35mm (prints and slides) to an OM4-Ti (mostly slides and macro) and a bit of semi-professional for a local weekly using a Polaroid 110A (which I still have and may some day convert) thrown in.

Mostly just a fun, snapshot sort of hobby now.

PS Sunrises and sunsets still have me grabbing my Olympus XA (slides) or Stylus (prints) for a quick shot.
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I love photography!!! I started when I was 10 years and white is my favorite....even had a B&W dark room in my house once upon a time......when we buy a house, I'll be asking my parents for that equipment.:cool: I have an old camera....Pentax....(and a digital camera but it's not the same thing obviously---great for vacations, though).....I want to get my hands on an old Canon my dad has....lenses and everything.....but I'd be happy with a Minolta, as well. Oh I wish there were more hours in a day to fit everything I'd like to do!! I wish I had more energy, too. :(

Amateur. Nature scenes mostly, in color....but would love to photograph more in B&W....people mostly. :confused:
I guess I'd be what you'd call a novice then. I haven't had the time, well haven't made the time for much photography but I did it as an ellective in high school and I loved it.
I really liked being able to slow down the shutter speed and take fast motion photo's to get that blurred effect.
Does anyone know of Charles Peterson.He's a rock photographer I guess you'd say, he did all the photo's for the sub pop label.
He's my favourite photographer, the best photo is one of Kurt Cobain playing the guitar while spinning on his head, greatest live concert photo i've ever seen.:D