Pirates seize $100m Saudi Super Tanker

North up the coast, along beaches where he wealthy play- They won't shoot the whale there.

But there will be "Repel boarders" setup and chores to do. Arrrh! A pirate's life fer me!


Wouldn't it be nice to set out cruising with such a full tank? If I were a negotiator, I'd offer a lengthy joyride, so long as everyone stays polite with each other while we discuss things.

What have our massive, slow-maneuverers deigned to leak so far? No goos is good goos.
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It is all about money. They even seized a ship going to Iran from China with wheat to feed the people. All this stuff and terrorism is the same ball of wax.
Too bad they don't give the food or weapons to anyone, including the local insurgents. All they want is the ransom. That food sure would help a lot of Somalians.
Follow them around with a news media dressed-up like a reality/infotainment show: If they lose, and get killed, the audience will love it, and the network can provide half of advertising proceeds into making every Somalian a well-fed, well-housed, and happy consumer. If they win, and get away, we can have them back on some future exiting episode of global Bring It On, Wacknuts!
Right: Somalian chaos has nothing to do with USAmerican revisionism, exceptionalism and (resultantly) colonialism's cheap new suit.
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I just hope they dont sink that oil tanker. It would be a disaster.

That's my biggest fear. Something goes wrong, and the pirates decide to scuttle the ship...and all those millions of gallons of crude get dumped in the ocean. What a mess.
They won't scuttle the ship. A $100m ship is worth at least 10m to them.
They won't scuttle the ship. A $100m ship is worth at least 10m to them.

What if commandos are sent in to retake the ship, and the pirates decide to go out in a blaze of glory? I could see that happening..Hope it doesn't, but it is quite feasible.
Watching too many movies. These are Somalians. They want money, not glory.