pm error?


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About 2-4 weeks ago, I sent a pm to ask some maths and science questions

I noticed that everytime the pm is sent, there are still nothing in the "sent items" folder.

As a result I failed to check my sent messages

What actually is the "Sent items" folder is for, is it function as an outbox?

In addition, I 'm not sure whether there is a delay in the message to other members (Tried to test this by sending a pm to myself, which I can receive instantly) cause despite their frequent online status and the notification system of the pm system (e.g. from 23 to 28 Nov, 2011, the online times are between 3-5 am and 6-8 pm, and there are corresponding thread posts during this period), there seemed to be no apparent response (Note: the online times listed and the ability to respond in other threads within this period is sufficient to rule out the fact that the recepient is busy)

Due to a lack of a notification system to notify that someone have read the message (this is distant from a notification that someone have received a pm), there is no way to determine whether there is an error in the system or other reasons

It will be greatful if someone can help cliarify the mechanism of the pm system in this forum
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At the bottom of the page where you send PMs, there is an Additional Options section.

You have to CHECK, save a copy in your sent items folder, for this to occur.
O thank!
I thought it backup the sent items automatically like the outboxes of other forums