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Discussion in 'Art & Culture' started by Congrats, Jan 20, 2002.

  1. Pollux V Ra Bless America Registered Senior Member

    Hey, thanks varkas.
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  3. varkas __________ Registered Senior Member

    all the gold you can find
    take it, nature is so kind.
    plate your house with this gold
    in golden mirror watch yourself grow old.
    pair of golden shoes on your feet
    you've got even a golden teeth.
    you were greedy right from the start
    people know you for your "golden" heart.
    but when you die, you avid fool
    gold comes back, nature is cruel.
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  5. varkas __________ Registered Senior Member


    you watch the beggars from your golden tower
    as you take your daily golden shower.......:bugeye:

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  7. varkas __________ Registered Senior Member

    between the walls

    here are my enemies
    here are my friends
    what i see, no one one else sees
    here are the beginnings
    here are the ends.
  8. varkas __________ Registered Senior Member

    parallel fictions and schizophrenic paranoia

    the poster on my livingroom wall says: i want to believe.
    i think it should say: i want to know.
    but it says i want to believe. and it means i don't believe.

    believe what? the picture where the text is?
    or is it just there to brainwash me to believe anything?
    (there's was a knock at my door.)

    they sent me two of those.
    i ordered just one. was it a mistake?
    i like to think it was.

    there's a word "lie" in the word "believe".
    i don't remember why i bought this thing.
    did i bought it at all?
    maybe they sent me a wrong poster.
    (i didn't answer the door.)

    who made this poster? the picture is fake.
    it's so obvious. and they know that too.
    so maybe it's not the picture, maybe it's the text.
    (i waited.)

    but why two posters?
    why even one?
    i want to lie. there's the message.
    they want to lie. and that means they know the truth.
    (i got up and went to the kitchen.)

    i want to believe. they don't believe, because they know.
    (i looked through the window. there was a man waving at me.)

    they want me to know it too.
    why two posters? two different meanings.
    i want to believe the lie.
    (i ignored him. on my way back to the bedroom, i noticed a letter on the floor.) that means i don't believe the lie, i know it.
    what do i know?
    the lie or the truth?
    the truth, i think.
    (the letter said: so you didn't open the door. don't worry. there's a man outside waving to you. follow him.)

    the truth that there's a lie about the truth.
    why would i want to believe the lie?
    (so i followed. i don't know why, but i'm glad i did. after i saw what happened to you down there.)
  9. varkas __________ Registered Senior Member

    measuring the sun
    don't ask just do, remember?
    i don't think we should be so near
    we are doing this for her
    damn, it's getting hot in here

    view of the future
    look how happy they are,
    their children playing,
    in harmony, no cruelty,
    no hatred among them.

    i'm almost glad they did come
    and conquer our world.

    and i can see why
    they locked us in these "houses".
    they know us better than we ourselves.

    look how happy they are.
    they are what we're meant to be.
  10. varkas __________ Registered Senior Member

    okay, this one is true...

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    to that evil printing press
    "deliver" is the word you should use,
    when you change your ones into twos.
    it's like you had a mind of your own,
    when you're printing that tome...
    of the book not known...yet.
  11. Bowser Namaste Valued Senior Member


    A lost ship on a cold ocean I see,
    Large clouds above that cast darkness and gloom.
    And there in dispair's shadow turmoil breeds.
    Raining on sad decks fall anguish and doom.

    Tossed by waves of gray, the vessel flounders.
    Bridled by heavy cargo and torn sail,
    It rolls and wanders. The storm growns louder.
    Threatening to plunder, a dark troubled gail.

    From safe shore I yell, hold tight your strong grip!
    Hold there yourself, against that stormy wind.
    Do not surrender your troubled ship.
    Hold there still your courage.

    I see in the the distance a calm clear place.
    Hold steady your courage. Give not pain's haste.

    --Bowser Wowser
  12. bbcboy Recovering christian Registered Senior Member

    Not Bad Bozo, Not bad at all
  13. Bowser Namaste Valued Senior Member

    It's very good, really.
  14. Adam §Þ@ç€ MØnk€¥ Registered Senior Member

    Bah, humbug!
  15. Bowser Namaste Valued Senior Member

    What's wrong, Adam? Have you lost your Christmas spirit?
  16. Pollux V Ra Bless America Registered Senior Member

    Love and Eyes

    I look into thine Eyes
    Their gaze lift,
    Meet mine
    Beautiful, soft grin
    A pit in my stomach
    many, or one pin

    Incomparable beauty
    Almost like a dream
    But solid reality
    I witness
    Your Eyes gleam

    "Be careful," I utter,
    "I may fall in love with you."

    "Who's falling?" she asks.
    "I've already landed."
  17. iced_earth Anathematized Registered Senior Member

    hey all! sorry i havent posted in a damn long time just been doing alot od stuff lately, any way heres a poem ive posted before but thin is the whole thing.

    love hath sent doom?

    Angels and demons in the light
    look forth to bask, into the sight
    a angel sit with wings abroad
    touching grace, and aura awed
    demon gazes a glimpse of her seen
    beauty fills his mind; cuts so keen
    vision, distant star burning bright
    so pleasing is this to his sight
    not a word to exchange to her
    but now words in his lips quiver
    nothing but whispers to come he,
    watches her pass , and not to see.
    spite, woe, and rage. fills his cruel mind
    turns to red and wonders to hide.
    demon ugly, non give a brow
    and fate twisted would it allow
    an angel of such beauty to,
    look at something, that is over due
    thoughts in his head, can I feel
    can I love, known as this real ?
    hell hath doomed eternal place
    could she an angel kiss this face?
    could the fates that weave destiny?
    be upon such anger, harsh to me
    Clotho who woof the thread of mine
    Lachesis with length of life divine
    and Atropos who cuts short
    what is wrong or right in the court
    shell decide, and bring forth my hell
    set, incased in this ruthless cell
    my body chained deformed, on lake
    of this a new found, world and shake
    thine demon into the depth feel
    the angel love and seek is real
    you must ascend to the kingdom
    but forth to renounce all the doom
    that you live and hold so familiar
    move, rise and come to the healer
    her light shines into your eyes now
    I’m in love but I know not how
    apprehension would it find me?
    would it shed the light now, to see
    upon this vision that forth daze
    send me spinning , in mind and maze
    alluring me to forsake this
    a world of my unhappiness
    but to give up all I hold dear
    would fate really be for me fair?
    would time forgive, what I’ve become?
    what I’ve lost, and that which I love.
    this girl that sits with features pure
    sight, pupils enjoy, colors lure
    and I would give anything to be,
    with her, and to give this could she
    in turn, love me? As with a soul
    for thou, id give her all extol.
    sitting there in the scarlet hell
    I now will break free from this cell!
    harsh lightning with eerie red glow
    shall rive the sky’ apart, to show
    celestial stair case, will deliver
    on the vale of radiant shiver
    me to the steps of heaven to,
    clam thy love for her, and light’s hue.
    journey long, but nothing worthless
    for this enchantment, and her kiss
    though hath not ever touched me or felt
    I watch with, admired eyes melt
    thoughts of something, passion that rise
    this hell will not be my demise
    soaring through the blaze, crimson fire
    not nun, the vast ocean tinge sapphire
    I shall now leave be hind, eternity
    of pain and dark, climb brilliancy
    set with her, caress and feel this
    and never would I leave this greatness
    graze the peak of the holy entrance
    the gates of heaven stand advance
    sit at the presence the portal
    await judgment like a mortal
    at the flight, and then trust upward
    to the passage, waiting in the horde
    then to travel through door , she stood
    with grace, lift with soft hand, her hood
    golden hair, in light bask, forth life
    her wings now rise, and reach in rife
    complexion fair, emerald eyes
    share so much into heart, memorize,
    this her charm delicate appearance
    a now sought for, endless romance
    stand and she came to my embrace
    we stood ahold and in ‘other grace
    the ground phantom, and then we fell
    on our way, enfold fall to hell
    a chasm, open and the mouth swallow
    and the wind fell ,and we follow
    into a ruby blaze, reaching out
    plea not with the damned that shout
    we will not stay in this blaze, scream
    we awake to each other, was dream
    awake in bed, holding ‘other again
    and yet the feelings never wane
    love hath sent no doom or pain.

    (c) jonathan ryan alligood
  18. Pollux V Ra Bless America Registered Senior Member

    awsome! Welcome back!
  19. Congrats Bartok Fiend Registered Senior Member


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    Very nice, iced earth, it seems you've finally found your way out if hell...
  20. iced_earth Anathematized Registered Senior Member

    have i have i realy, i just woke up from a night mare , i haven't looked out side yet muahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  21. goofyfish Analog By Birth, Digital By Design Valued Senior Member

    I Kicked The Habit

    I kicked the habit
    cold turkey
    I was just a junkie
    whose life was a
    setting sun
    I was a glass of water
    in the noon day
    I was headlights
    in the trailing

    But now I'm clean
    and I probably
    never really
    loved her
  22. varkas __________ Registered Senior Member

    a man was accused of theft
    but how can he steal something there ain't
    when the judge had finally left
    a girl said: "he only stole my heart."

    to my murderer
    - - - - - - - -
    what i remember from life
    as i'm writing to you
    is only you and your knife
    and the pain that feels so true.


    i can see you every night
    and sometimes in my dreams
    but what i see is distant light
    and you are only a star, it seems.


    nightmares during the day
    make you laugh as you weep
    you can listen, you certainly may
    but i think it's time to sleep.

    (return of the revenge of my crappy writings, part who knows what)

    ps. oh, almost forgot. a smiley

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  23. Congrats Bartok Fiend Registered Senior Member

    Transom beauty
    Filtering in a state of washed brushing and willowing over me.
    Tumbling down a glass of Radcliff glass on a tree
    With light lighting up the sky, and no conjusctions, no alliterations, no screamers, no wolfs screaming the moon over higher than one can see his feet.

    S does it drip like a butterbox
    Some people told me to take out the butter and place long sticks o butterinia
    Oh! How I was delighted.
    Korning: By a river of dead-blood he told em his wings had outgrown his
    Flight pattern
    In a
    Blind rush he was never focusing on his syntax and screaming

    Like a thousand wolfs with no cause, no reason to rebel

    He was tearing for three plants in a massive forest of dangered lights.
    Tampons here! Tampons Here!

    Birds exhausted thir oppurtunites and rushed to find another king perependicular to thes ea,
    We rushed after them and found migrations was dramatically overrated.

    Wwhhhhhate is it now? Are there danger ous days ahead?

    Fulfilling pullingsucking bllod fromsemesn

    I am free to give away my sole
    From the sea

    The crawled to my feet, in a swirling unisinspired brown mass of the moment
    Like most of us at the moment
    Tecumseh smiled a secondary smile and tore a thirdary book from the suppressed hungethe story of Indian American (blah!) movement

    Take me.here swill falls into martini while you smile, and see me sitting
    Uninhibited and unselfconscious

    She was unknowing, while Albert was hijacked, and I was smiling.

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