Political Cartoons Vol. 2

I just saw a picture of a toilet trump, boarding airforce one.
Yeah i saw that pic... but a talkin toilet is perty much what Trump is.!!!

New Clue:::

Trump is part of the morphed pic i posted... an someone he now hates is the other.!!!
Ok... the suspence has gone on long enuff... its Trump an Michael Cohen morphed together... an the result is what a child they produced together woud look like at 60.!!!

An the likelyhood of it... who knows - the way they been Fuggin each other lately :)
Thers a new game out called "POS"... its a cross between a line-up an "Whares Waldo" an it very easy to win:::

Ready... set... find a Piece Of Sht.!!!
So a sheep willingly running to the slaughter barfs about ideas & thinking.
Sorry, couldn't parse that. I figure it's an insult of some sort, but "a sheep running to the slaughter barfs about ideas?" The sheep has ideas, and ideas make the sheep vomit? And does this only happen while it's running to the slaughter? What do the two have to do with each other? Or did you figure you'd just concatenate two insults on the premise that two combined insults are better than one? And is "thinking" part of the first or second clause, or is it independent? i.e. is he willingly running and thinking, or he is barfing about "ideas and thinking", or is he barfing about ideas, and also thinking?

Just wanted to clarify lest your attempted insult miss its mark.

What's the brickwork bond in the background and in millimetres, could you guess the width of the perps?

If the window opening on the right is 9 1/2 bricks, what measurement is that co+ ?

Why give the measurement in co+ and not co or co-?