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I'm glad I came across your forum. I've been reading for two days, and have enjoyed the diversity and tolerance among topics and people that I've seen :) .

this is for all you skanky ass "sky is falling", "sciforums is going to the dogs", "heil hitler" types out there

smoke some weed and chill. if you already do, smoke some more!
smoke some weed

Your solution to life’s problems?

Doesn’t seem much different from alcohol, binge-eating, religion, kleptomania, eminem, etc…

Substitute a problem with a vice?

how is the state of sciforums one of life's problems? if it is, i recommend daily therapy sessions. however, now that you do bring it up; yes, i do believe that weed is a solution to lots of shit!

here have a toke

:m: :m: :m: :m: :m: :m:
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