I've been gone a long while as well. I lost the address in a computer change and some parts of my life are rather complicated. I remember being a bit put off by the sub-par thinking displayed as well.

I'll stick my head in a bit and see if any rational thought exists.
I believe someone bought it long ago, haven't been here in years

a group of us could form a film production cooperative plus company......
or perhaps even several of them....
and perhaps organize another purchasing of Sciforums.....
based on one of my own diabolical, dastardly, despicable and devious plans to.....
save the world......
sort of???????

(Dr. Moses Coady got us Nova Scotians thinking along this line about a century ago.......... we Canadians should not be mis-underestimated)!
Unified Field Theory of Modern World Problems.....

(... and here you probably thought that I was merely being pedantic, egotistical, egocentric and sarcastic)!!??
Ask not what your forum can do for you. Ask what you can do for your forum.
Well, what's funny is that so many people I used to know here are permanently banned. Amusingly, it's mostly people who used to call other people trolls. Specifically:


Probably some others. Most of them were trolls themselves, trying to accuse honest posters like myself of racist statements and other nonsense as a sort of cover for their own behavior. Gustav was by far the worst offender. Haha, bitches: after all this time, and all those temp bans, I'm the one left standing. :cool: