Refraction Redux

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Third Model

Unity Hypotenuse Model

Given an angle of incidence, the path of the ray in free space can be used as the hypotenuse and set to 1. A right angle triangle can then be constructed in free space. This triangle in free space can then be transformed into a triangle in a refractive medium keeping the hypotenuse of 1 invariant.

Knowing the refractive index of the material, then the value of x is X/R.I.

The value of t is determined by x^2 + t^2 = 1

This model or template is not about length contraction or time dilation.

For a given unit of time, a photon in free space will have a greater displacement in space than in a refractive medium. For a given distance, it will take a photon in a refractive medium a longer time than in free space.

As a worldline.

Pythagorean treatment