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So what would a natural disaster (one that bears a connection to an omnimax God) look like in your opinion ?
I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm God.

But if you see me actually notice your existence, and I don't disapprove, you'll feel as if it was a gift from God.

"Believe me!"
~Donald Trump

The overt Abrahamic theist posts on a science forum.
Over and over and over, nothing but that.
The question is: why?

This is a science forum. We have data, evidence - the posts, literally thousands of them, just on this forum.
It's a legitimate question of significance to matters of interest here, such as the role and position of science and scientific inquiry in our larger societies
Over and over and over again best describes your over-abrahamicized imagination. You use the word so frivolously, nobody, possibly yourself included, can remember a time in these discussions when you had a point to make outside of identity politics.
Once again, I see no possible "natural event" which would demand a "supernatural" explanation. What is so hard to understand?

If you consider a probabilistic path by an asteroid starting millions of years ago on a journey from another galaxy, long before man had even appeared on earth and mankind itself was just a probabilistic potential, the picture of "motivated sentient action" changes.

I find it highly improbable that this was plotted by a sentience for the specific purpose of teaching an as yet non-existent human animal a lesson in the future.

There are far simpler explanations than an omnimax God which satisfy all requirements for such a probabilistic event.

The known natural universal mechanics are not all that complicated. Don't make the unknown mechanics unnecessarily complicated.....o_O
So the question becomes what is it about natural events that circumvent the (alleged) influence of an omnimax God. IOW what agency would you expect an omnimax God to not have access to, and why?
There's actually no focus to this thread. The opening post asked about preaching to animals, and the thread has meandered around fairly aimlessly since then.

The original question appears to have been addressed, so I think there's no reason to keep this open.
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