Religious Pride


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  • I'm Religious but "proud" isn't the word I'd use

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  • Athiest/Agnostic and who gives a fk anyway?

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Pride means just this; that outsiders' beliefs are worthless, and deserving of contempt. It serves to augment low self-esteem.
Pride in a belief seems nonsensical to me.

I built a patio in my backyard over the weekend. I have pride in that. I have a sense of accomplishment. That makes sense.

A belief? Sure, I believe what I do because I think I am right and anyone that disagrees is wrong. That is why I believe what I do at this particular time. But belief is a form of knowledge and knowledge is ever changing and hopefully growing. So how can you have pride in it?

I guess I reserve pride for things accomplished.
jadedflower said:
Jinchilla, I know I had said I would dissapear after the Easter holidays... and yet, I am here now.

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You're a coward. You waited until the end of easter to post your comment, expecting me not to reply. But Vini, Vidi... and if you don't reply: I will "Vici" too.

So is that all you have to say?
Your run-ons are quite a pain to get a handle of.
You can at least be proud of that.

"perhaps... annoying_skill, pissy_skill, no_skill."
You're too kind.

The essence is... you don't control it really."
Duh I'm jaded, and I lost my brain on the way to the keyboard.
Let's be ignorant of the fact that just because you don't control what you believe doesn't mean you can't stand up for it.

"With being an Atheist, I can understand pride. Proud you've seen through the web of lies."
With being an Christians, I can understand pride. Proud you've seen through the web of lies.
Can you be any more bias?

"Thanks for that, "cool_skil" - you are an idiot."
What's with the underscore and one l?

"And now, I will delight myself by explaining to you all the ways in which this is so."

"in case those surts of temporary blindness you seem to have have covered your eyes and not allowed you to see"
Woops I must have overlooked the rest of it. Not.

jaded: "But I am not proud of it"
cool: "Why are you not proud of what you are?"
jaded: I am more than an atheist... and maybe I'm proud of other aspects of me.

Should I rephrase?: Why are you not proud of it?
('what you are' and 'it' refers to being an atheist)
Let me try again: Why are you not proud of being an atheist?

"I may not be proud, but I didn't say I was displeased... or that I wanted to be something else. "
That's fine.
But because you are not proud of what you are, perhaps you would like to change or improve.
Not necessarily be something else, but be something better.
Furthermore, although you don't claim you are displeased, that is not to say you do not have things about you that you are displeased about.
And even if you were displeased, that is not to say you can't still be proud of whatever it is you are.
Especially if part of what you are wishes to improve.

"I am not JUST an atheist. There is more to me."
Is there really?
It sure doesn't appear that way.
Looks to me more like a typical intolerant atheist posting another presumptuous thread.

"I have one. And I do believe it is better than that cheap fake you're parading around as being one."
Which fake?
I'd love for you to find somebody realer than me.
Perhaps you were referring to this cheap facade of a thread?

"I, for one, do not go round picking fights in random threads. I don't hold grudges. I don't fuel vendettas."
Good for you. Should I be proud?
Oh I forgot, you for one simply start threads made for conflict such as this one.
Then, you jump on others for doing the same, but without the facade.

"I'm not "proud" of much - which isn't to say I'm ashamed."
Oh please. You seem to like that little clause.
Is it working out for you?
The only person you really need to convince is yourself.
Are you convincing yourself?
I hope so because you sure aren't convincing me.

"There is more to life than pride."
No kidding.

"I'm proud of my writings, my book, my paintings, my drawings, my imagination as a whole, my creations - what I make with my own hands, my capacity to stay calm,"
Is this really necessary?

"and believe it or not, my sense of humor and style."
At least somebody is.

"This thread?

What? With you here?
and no, not proud of this Thread. Nothing really to be proud of. I didn't do much."
Yes not much except splatter your ignorance all over the place.

"I don't QUESTION it.... I ask for enlightenment.
Understanding. I want to understand. Comprehend."
You did not start this to understand. You started it to manipulate your POV: That it is silly to be proud of a belief.
Only you cover up your real intentions with a facade.

"was just honestly curious about how some people can be "proud" of something that is really not due to themselves."
Ya OK.
Have you really convinced yourself that?

""Jade" had nothing presumptuous in her intentions."
I'm sorry. Was it me you were trying to convince?

"There's more to life, than being proud."
Of course.

A person believes in water.
Unless there is really anyone out there seriously disputing that person's belief in water, and persecuting that person for their belief in water, I doubt that person will have that much pride in their belief in water.
Got it?

"just don't understand the pride of believing."
"Be pround of founders of a religion, be proud of a heratige...
proud you believe?"
"it's nothing to be proud of"
"it's just weird to be proud of an opinion... you've not really *done* anything... so, why be proud?"
"but proud of a religion... I don't see it. I don't understand it."
No big deal. It's just part of being intolerant.
Just accept your intolerance and be proud of it.
jadedflower said:
You're a coward. You waited until the end of easter to post your comment, expecting me not to reply.
Are you flicking kidding me?
That's the biggest joke I ever heard in my life.

cool skill sits there and waits for jaded to go away.
What for?
Get real, jaded.
I respond when I have a chance to get to your comment.
Jaded (if you're around), I will respect your request to not respond to cool... in this thread. But I think you're taking him too seriously. It's unbecoming of you. Just look at his pic:

No link???


BTW, has he hurt your pride? ;) Maybe you wounded his.

Cool seems like a sensitive guy to me. :bugeye:
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A. I see his pic, I don't know what it is.

B. My pride is hurt. I'm not an uncaring, idiotic, disrespectful bitch.

C. Cool Skill, was that question to me, or to Jin? And what exactally would either of us be obcessed with?

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okay, so I had this whole super-cool post to put up here that was a reply (aka anaylsis with acompanying counter-arguments) to all you wrote. But it got too ridiculous.

I'd say my bit.
You'd say your bit.
I'd say my bit again...

So I'll say this:

Live being discriminated on a daily basis. Get a taste of oppression. Find out what it is to be judged without any logical foundation. Feel what it is like to be segregated.
Then come talk to me. Because I know what this is. Believe it or not (and if it is "not" then I don't give a damn).

I am a female with integrity, with honour, who is curious and loves life and people.

Whether you chose to accept that or not is no concern of mine. I've done my best to state my case... you've done nothing of the sort.

Because I despise the washing of one's dirty linen in public, I'm sending you... at some point... the reply I had originally planned. That way you can read it and reply if you like - and where you like.

I don't want to "fight" or whatever this is.
I wanted constructive debate.

You don't know me.
Don't judge me.
"Live being discriminated on a daily basis."
That's easy. All I have to do is walk out the door.
Anything else?

"Get a taste of oppression."
I'd rather not but being that it's shoveled down my throat in heaping quantities, it's quite difficult not to.

"Find out what it is to be judged without any logical foundation. Feel what it is like to be segregated."
Ya ya ya. Blah blah blah. The story of life. Why?

"Then come talk to me."
What for?

"Because I know what this is."
Please elaborate.

"I wanted constructive debate."
In a thread like this?
Get real.
You insult those who are proud of their beliefs, manipulate people into thinking you had no intention of being offensive, and plea for constructive debate.
Some nerve.

"You don't know me.
Don't judge me."
No I do not know you.
I'm sure there are much more beautiful and wonderful butterflys in the meadow things about you.
But I know what you certainly said within this thread.
Based on that, and your blatantly presumptuous poll, there is nothing much else to conclude.
Typical atheist gar.
the words "religious" and "proud" are both awkward words. I think a person can be a chistian, but not religious.
Pride means just this; that outsiders' beliefs are worthless, and deserving of contempt. It serves to augment low self-esteem.
Oh yeah fucking right, goat.

Godammnit everytime I run across you I try ignoring your insolent torpidity but by Jove find it nearly impossible.

It serves to augment low self-esteem
It serves to augment low self-esteem
It serves to augment low self-esteem

Oh shut up, will ya? All you Mother Teresas are a scourge.
You know.

Your incessant, sardonic belittling of nearly everyone makes me kind of horny, Gendanken.
we didn't need to know that ,Rappaccini.

And quite frankly I don't see a point in this thread anymore. It's become way too agressive for my liking.