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Rule 0...........................mmmmmmmh. All subsequent rule 0's are to be ignored.
Rule 1. Members Join the club by inventing at least one new rule.
Rule 2. The new rule made must not break any previous rules.

Surely such a club, governed by self generated rules, will create a perfect society,
full of happy contented people working for the benefit of all.
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New Rule:

#3. What happens in Sci forums stays in Sci forums. Under no circumstances
will you discuss any of these topics outside these walls.
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Rule 4. You DO NOT talk about RULES CLUB.

Somebody saw this one coming. :p

rule 6: women in the rules club cannot quit rules club, wear clothes, or refuse to offer their sexual services to me. they must RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH!
rule 7: women in the club who used to be men (or who aren't sure) cannot abrogate their responsibilities under rule 6.
Rule 12.

Codsinbladder gets a coffee break every 45 mins to push his nuts back down. fugoodorevilblep
Rule 14: Codanbland has no authoritah fujugoodigookiblep.

(That should cover that.)
Rule 15: Men must have both hands on the keyboard at all times.... (fujugoodigookiblep)
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Rule # 15 Don't let any dumb blondes join the club.. fujugoodigookiblep
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16: rules made in regards to individual club members are obselete.fujugoodigookiblep
17: in accordance with rule 15, men can then use the keyboard to masturbate.fujugoodigookiblep

rule 14 can't be right, cos i've already made rules before that, which demonstrates the presence of my authoritah. so farrrrrk u tw scott. u too spud emperor. wtf does 'push my nuts back down' mean? nuts hang man. its what they do. nuts only rise up in the face of great evil, to defend mankind and democracy. and stop terrorism. fujugoodigookiblep
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. u too spud emperor. wtf does 'push my nuts back down' mean? /QUOTE]

Are you a girl?

'course you know what it means.
fark me, you're the one with cods in bladder motif ( you do know what cods are, don't you?)

You're sitting in a freezing bath mate...oh forget it!

Rule 17 or whatever we're up to; If you are masturbating your keyboard whilst typing and you accidentally smack your frozen dick instead of the "Y" key, you must re-enter the frozen tub with keyboard still attached to your knob.

Tell him Shorty.