Science Fraud

If theories are ever created in order to support one’s own personal philosophical view or suppress the philosophical view of someone else, I would say that is unethical and is likely unscientific.


Nothing is perfect, including the scientific method, but it is the overwhelmingly best system we have. And of course while we can observe and judge the many attempts to deride science, due to personal philosophical and religious views, the incidents of scientists participating in such fraud is much rarer.

To your last statement , fraud in science , is everywhere .
So, tell us river, how is it you can hate and reject the very science that you use every day of your life? Don't you think that's hypocritical?
I bet you still listen to your doctor and fly in airplanes.
I would ignore river at this time. He has already been warned for replicating posts from the science sections in which he has been banned due to his nonsense and stupidity.
I bet you still listen to your doctor and fly in airplanes.

I presented information on Nutrition to my " Doctor " , wanted nothing to with this information . Hmmmm....

I Do my best to be my own Doctor . Gather knowledge on what is good for me , Humanity , I think .
B- vitamins are extremely important to our health
And how does river know this:
Saw the doctor on the tuesday , she suggested B-1 supplements and of course blood tests , but B-1's have much to do with my balance !!!! I was shocked , a vitamin was essential for proper brain function !!. And as I found out I needed to get this vitamin , in at the very least everyday