Spanking your wife for Jesus

Rights which do not include beating your wife.

What makes you think either of these matter? What, you're more important because you came here of your own volition and you've been alive longer?

Considering he will almost certainly be voting against whichever candidate you back, he will have no choice but to change the system without your vote.

The best for me is ti say nothing to you . and I will.
I did not expect such nonsense comparison but you insist . The road does not belong to the cop , My children belongs to me not to the state ..

No, they don't belong to anyone. Neither does your wife. They are people, just like you.

The cop beating me up . it is an assault of a non related person .

So if the cop were your cousin it would be just fine? Odd distinction.

In my home I am the ruler and I make the rules in my castle.

No, you don't. Not when it comes to assault. If you invite someone over to your house and beat them up you still go to jail.

The road is a public domain , Beside you are forgetting , that on the road you are getting a summons , which according to the law that you are flashing into my face , I am not guilty until proven in court .

You seem very much against cops hitting you for breaking the law. Odd for someone who hits people.
If you really think that being hit by someone is such a crime, follow your own advice.

If people like you will dictate then the so called freedom will be something of the past . Be happy that there are people that criticize because they are a conciseness against dictatorship

So "dictatorship" = "you can't beat your wife?" If so we need a few more dictatorships.

(I'll define "fascism" as "the right to worship in your own religion" - so we have fascism too, and that's a good thing.)
But we as a family live happy and content

Yes I have used a belt on my sons

My children respond to me just like a dog responds to the owner same way my sons.

Yes, that sounds just like a happy and content family, at least for the vicious psychopath who treats his children like dogs and his women like whores.

I am not guilty until proven in court .

Funny, how you have to admit that after all you've denied thus far.

Jesus said " love thay enemy "

Based on what you've said, you know nothing about Jesus. And, if the Bible were true, He will deal with you just as you deal with others, because according to you...

...punishment is a correction action...