so if the Tao can not be spoken of, speak of something to do with it in order to explain it.
Then again, there is a certain contradiction in here. That is probably why the taoist tries to use metaphor to guide one to the tao, rather than explaining it directly, which would lead one to understand the contradiction and thus be trapped by said contradiction in their own suffering. This contradiction is: one can not try to completely stop trying, because in doing so they are trying. finding the path of least resistance entails giving up all effort, which can not be done deliberately, as that would entail effort. That's probably why the taoist uses so many bs words and phrases: To try to cause the reader to accidentally stumble upon enlightenment, which is a hard task when they're seeking out said enlightenment.
Seems unnecessary to inquire if not a self defeating effort. Is it an unorchestrated flow of life or ... I'm confused.