The Dream called Maya, Lila.



Supreme Comedy: the part of a Dream that has to go to sleep every night so it can wake-up every morning to be the Dream.

The Super-Supreme Comedy: Self Realization
the part of a Dream
that has to find a guru it needs
to to really really wake-up from the Dream.​

-- the Living SELF = Eternal and Infinite Sri Birgit Bhagavati-Bhagavan Vishnu Fukkamee Swami
lucid dreaming

Well, in that case I can safely say that I know no one who is capable of lucid dreaming.

SELF-Realization = Lucid Dreaming -- all the rest of us are not aware that literally everything is ALWAYS a dream, all-dreams, "dreaming" -- ESPECIALLY the dream, Maya, we call life, reality.

-- Fukkamee