The Earth is flat

Hmm. Do you think this is him? This individual has just popped up on the .net site:

It certainly looks like a kind of scattergun trolling exercise to attract attention. But perhaps there are too many sciency words and not enough emphasis on conspiracy. Could be just another schizophrenic, I suppose, like Beaconator and Trevor "Ballocks" Johnson.

Nah, that's not him. That's Captain Fruitloop on fruit patrol.:biggrin:
I believe the earth is not a globe spinning through space, also I do not believe Sun is 93 million miles or Moon is 230K miles. I say that because I got awakened during 2017 when you could research on Youtube about flat earth and would get accurate search results about channels like Eric Dubay, Rob Skiba, ODD, DITRH, Globebusters, Jeranism etc. Channels that would discuss scientific reasons why the earth was flat and not a globe. Now if you type in flat earth you will get a bunch of videos promoting debunking of the flat earth theory. There are a few good Eddie Bravo videos on youtube that ask the right questions about flat earth. Again if you are into researching and not just mocking a theory then look into all these channels. And yes the flat earth society is a fake society made to make all flat earthers look silly so you can discount that society right away.

if the earth is flat then why cant you use a telescope to see the highest mountains ?
Whenever I read anything from a flerther, particularly something like the post above, I mentally add "Entry of the Gladiators" to it while I read it.