The everlasting THIS or THAT game.

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L.A. (the west is the best!)

Italian food or Chinese ?


This is Mothra kicking Godzillas butt!
well i will assume that by "oral or anal" you are referring to Freud's theories of oral and anal fixations.
therefore my answer is anal, because i am anal expulsive (messy and disorganized) and lack an oral fixation. :D

mandarin or cantonese (language)?
Cantonese (is what they speak in my local takeaway and I'm learning new workds every time I use them!)

A1 Steak Sauce or Lea & Perrins Worcester Sauce?
Peed on.
(I'm not a parent and I've never had either but if I HAD to... eeuurrghhh *shudders*)

Decaf or full-strength coffee?
(don't know the difference---I'm English!)

Maple, I guess...

Battered fish or breaded fish?
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