The most beautiful man

it just makes me laugh and tickles me considering i would expect this kind of conventional wisdom from the common masses but evidently you people are the common masses.

It also is more indicative of other things less apparent to, of course, yous. lol

Such as a lack of creativity, flexibility and thinking outside the box.

What's funny is, everyone of those guys had different plans if they didn't make it in the entertainment business.

For example, Xiah wanted to be a soccer player and he's very good too. Yunho was going to be a businessman.

So if he was wearing a suit and tie now and being a regular schmuck, he is all of a sudden not him anymore. he would just be percieved as a regular 'masculine' guy.

There are so many ways to stretch your personality and your talents and what you do. It's so obvious.

geezus..christ...u people are fucking shallow as hell..lmao

You are really a hypocrit. First, you indirectly insult enmos for saying a certain man looked feminine, while YOU criticize posts on the most beautiful woman thread and don't even get personally attacked by the guys. I say, just forget about it and you will be happy. :)
I think we've had enough of this thread.
I'll do this for you guys though. I'll just give it a one week vacation. I won't cesspool it. Just lock it for a week or so.
The beautiful woman thread too.

You all need a break from this idiocy.

Come back in a week.
Or two.
We'll see how I'm feeling.

Any attempts to create another thread of this sort will be immediately deleted.

Good day.

By the way. Since you all were rambling about getting your ass kicked by faggy guys in flamboyant suits:



Kakihara from Ichi the Killer.
He's a sensitive kinda guy too.

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Alright. Thread reopened. I realize that Peta is gone and it was mostly her that was in here spazzing out because people didn't appreciate her femboys. But, she was provoked and blah blah blah.
Keep it nice. And clean. No penises, ladies.
There's only one man I find attractive, my hero, the texan rattlesnake himself;

Yes he's available ladies, what a dreamboat.
There's only one man I find attractive, my hero, the texan rattlesnake himself;
Yes he's available ladies, what a dreamboat.

do you find beauty in you art to poison art and joy of others in little that there is? Is that not evil, what do you say, do you agree with such?
I can't understand exactly what you're saying, but what? Are you doubting the beauty of Stone Cold Steve Austin?
How is he not an immaculate specimen of man?

Let me guess, the fact he beats women probably makes him a big meanie to you, and in your twisted mind you need to punish people for being mean by pretending they aren't gorgeous?
Fuck you, ok, you're a faggot, and that's the bottom line, cause stone cold said so.

Not one of the asian eunachs in this thread would dare mess with the rattlesnake, not one. He would stunner the shit out of all of them one by one.
Then he'd say "Who's beautifull now?" because their asian good looks would be mashed on his shoulder.
He wouldn't even wash it off either, he'd just drink gallons of beer and be like "oh that? I fucking stunner'd the shit out of an asian and that's his face".