The New What's On Your Cd/Turntable Thread.

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I try to sleep, theyre wide awake, they wont leave me alone.
They dont get paid to take vacations, or let me alone.
They spy on me, I try to hide, they wont let me alone.
They persecute me, theyre the judge and jury all in one.
If I had had control of a TV news network, I would have had this playing in the background as reports chronicled Katrina smackin' up the Gulf coast...

It's early morning
The sun comes out...
Last night was shaking
And pretty loud...



i was reading about a hurricane that in 1938 made it all the way to canada with hurricane force winds when i youtubed the song. i never knew the lyrics were that bad though.:D
AFI's new record "Crash Love" will be released on tues 9/29. Prepare yourselves for auditory bliss.
Not open for further replies.