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I just saw this video on MTv by an artist called 'Thicke' of which I have never heard before. The song is bombastic, with a hip-hop beat, vocals like Stevie Wonder, and an insanely perfect loop from Beethoven's ninth symphony playing in the backround. The video is very intense, almost movingly soulful, and the singer is this scroungy looking white guy with a gotee and and long hair.

If anyone is the saving grace of pop music, it would have to be him. Has anyone here heard anything of him as well?
THANK YOU, Congratulations!!!!

I had the exact same response when I saw his video on MTV Soul, this morning. Amazingly I fliped out the instant I heard the song. This guy is absolutley amazing.

I can't find info on his album, even if it's been released yet. I do believe he was a producer on a lot of pop acts. He's also Alan Thicke's kid! Weird.

For More Info:
Thank You, Curly!

Cherry Blue Skies is an intersting title, indeed. I have to admiit, this is the only real pop/r-b act that has really gotten me excited in a long time. I don't know why- it's probably the way (in the video) his body seems so attuned to the music, almost as if he's gone mad, or exactly how down-to-earth he is while at the same time having this incredibly bombastic song.

And the way the Beethoven sample is woven in is amazing. It's almost as if the entire song was built off of it.
I couldn't have said it better myself.

Keep me posted on info concerning Thicke. I have to find this album and BUY IT!