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In short, we are part of the whole? I like to think that we are the eyes of God.

...if we are the eyes of god, then we are inside God, part of God...and simple ARE God. That´s my theory anyway... :D
If we are made in the image of God, how can we be inside God. If the definition of God is that he/she created the universe, then logically, we arenot inside God. Now if you say God is the whole enchilida, then we are inside. But that means, Milky Way is just one red blood cell. Black holes are microphages and so on. If this is true, can you imagine the size of God?
The nature of God

Bear with me.

When I got my first computer my dad said it was a silly thing. I said that there was so much you could do with a computer. He told me if he ever got a computer all he would ask it is "What is the nature of God?" You can tell he really didn't understand the nature of computers. They aren't superbrains and they don't know anything other than what we tell them.

Just a few minutes ago my dad got introduced to voice-chat over Yahoo Instant Messenger. He and my brother (who is visiting for the weekend) were talking with my other brother, who lives in Montana and is going through a major personal crisis. My brother in Montana said that he had felt so alone and isolated, having to place long-distance calls that he really couldn't afford just so he could hear a friendly voice. With the voice-chat, we could all sit in the room and talk to him without having to pass a handset around for rationed time to talk with him. It was like we were all sitting there together like a family again. It gave my brother the strength and comfort he so desperately needed and made my dad feel like the family wasn't spread out so far after all. It closed a lot of gaps and erased so many miles, all in the blink of an eye...or the blink of a cursor.

I think, in light of this, the notion of asking a computer "What is the nature of God?" is really quite trivial. If you had seen my down and depressed and generally unpleasant-to-be-with-since-my-mother-died dad bound out of his chair, abandoning his precious TV set, chatting into his nemesis, the computer, and then walking out with a spring in his step and a smile on his face, happy and chipper and full of renewed hope, you would have seen my computer work a miracle worthy of the Old Testament. All of his prayers since 1997 could not do what 15 minutes on a PC with voice-chat enabled had done.

Given that computers and the internet have brought together more friendships and made us realize that we are all part of this bigger whole, bridged communication gaps and reunited friends and family thought forever lost, could it be that the nature of God is the very computer itself?
That brings me to an interesting thought. What if universe created another intelligence billions of years ago, that is hard for us to percieve or comprehend using our eyes and ears?

Just an idea....
God stuff

Mabye God is a refuge where some find respite against the pain that truth provides. Like a beautiful painting covering a hole in the wall, religion (god) covers the void that looms unyielding behind the last thought that one has before the inevitable occurs....
Tablariddim, I think that is exactly where we are.

And the Internet helps Her/Him - whatever - think faster.
It is communicating parts thatmake a system intelligent (and possibly sentient), look at our brains. So why not: all the beings in the world communicating, like neuronal activity, accumulating to God's thoughts?
According to my religion, G-d is everywhere and basically everything. When you die you go back to him. And BTW I dont think that G-d is male or female. Maybe both.
I believe that God is everywhere. He lives in me and I in Him.

But I ask you. If I lived in a house, would that make me a part of the house? Would that make me a house? If you answer yes then explain to me while a real estate doesn't sell you for 200 thousand? Or if you answered yes to the first question explain to me why you aren't included in the house insurance? If you break a bone does the house insurance cover the medical costs?

What about bacteria which live in the large intestine? Are they a part of us. A we them, are they us? The benficial bacteria in our large intestine actually form what is called a mutualistic relationship between us and them. We give them a food supply and shelter. They give us vitamin K and I think D and/or E vitamins. But the bacteria live independent of us. They depend on our survival for their survival. If we weren't looked after when we were younger by our parents or guardians then we would probably be dead. But we are not part of our parents and we aren't our parents. But we still depended upon them for our survival.

I personally think it too hard for the human mind to fully comprehend God being everywhere and independent of us. But does that make it false. I don't think so. Even for the human mind to comprehend supposed evolutionary processes is too hard. for comparitive purposes.
So God is finite?

If I lived in a house, would that make me a part of the house?
So God is a finite thing created by humans for a specific purpose related to our living endeavor? Thank you for clearing that up.

Tiassa :cool:
If we can use God by creating certain specific actions and get nourishment then we need to find out waht those actions are. On the otherhand, if we are kind of bacteria in God's gut, then we do our thing, God does his thing, and everybody is happy.