Top 3 outer space scenes in a film and why...


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And the nominees are… It’s fun to hear what scenes in a film stand out, science fiction or otherwise. Now lets hear what space scenes kept you buying a ticket (or rewinding your VCR) time and again.
The opening sequence in Contact

Ooohhh... good one! I like the scene in Independance Day when the ships came into our atmosphere. I thought that was pretty gnarly!
Although this wasn't in space, the very end of 2001, when the old Bowman looks at the Monolith as it 'stands' right in front of his bed.

But really I liked either the asteroid chase in Empire Strikes Back or the endsequence of Contact. Contact was a good movie.
Welcome buzzster!

I always thought it was ironic that a coke-head like Tim Allen had a character named Buzz.

Anyway, best sci-fi scene.........either the opening sequence of 2001 with the apes (only if I'm high) or when Luke meets Yoda for the first time. Or when Hayden Christensen says; 'They're animals. And I slaughtered them like animals.' I can do a perfect impression of that and he said it sooooo hilariously.
Do new films count? I got to see a sneak preview of the most amazing space movie EVER! Space Station 3-D. I saw it in an IMAX theater. If you’ve ever been to an IMAX movie, you know that the screen is something like eight stories high and it completely fills your field of vision. Between that and the 3-D imaging, it really makes you feel like you’re an astronaut hundreds of miles above the earth. The sound thumps at you and pulls you in with everything else. It’s an incredible experience. Pretty much the whole movie is an outer space scene, so I'll use up my three and go with that one. I think everyone should see this, but particularly any fan of space films:

O.K., I have to mention one more, even though the scene takes place inside a ship rather than an being an ‘outer space’ shot. One of my all time favorite sci-fi moments is the dinner scene in Alien when the creature pops out of John Hurt’s chest. I couldn’t stop drawing pictures of it when I was a kid. That scene was so masterfully done. I wish Ridley Scott would do another space film.
Yeah, IMAX theaters I have been to have been awsome. Welcome to sciforums, mister, er, cosmonaut. May your stay be a long and joyful one.