Weird pic of a plane I found online.

So this morning I was experiencing my usual depression. So I started reading stupid clickbait slideshows to pass the time.

One of these clickbait slideshows was about how a man turned a plane into a home. He was inspired by a woman who made a very nice hotel-quality home. So he spent 220,000 to buy a plane. And it was weird because, you were expecting his home to look even better than the woman's, yet it was far worse, his home just looked the same as the plane, but worse. His home looked like the inside of a space-shuttle and not comfortable at all. The article said he made good on his investment, but I didn't read to the end to see how. I have no idea how he rented the place out, it looked shabby.

Anyway, one of the pics was weird. It shows a weird arc with no explanation. I am wondering if a scientist can explain to me what is going on in this pic. Is the pic photoshopped or is there something weird going on in this pic?

i have seen many pictures similar to this.
it is generaly called a "time exposure"
digital cameras have opened up new features to allow "time exposures" to have extra content.