What if Abrahamic religion is a conspiracy?

Discussion in 'Conspiracies' started by TaraGaia, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. TaraGaia Registered Member

    What if society got it all wrong?

    Have you ever thought of that possibility? Have you ever noticed that all the conspiracy websites on the internet point to Christianity/Islam/Judaism or other Abrahamic religions as the answer?

    Isn't that odd, considering that those websites are built by so called free thinkers? Yet they all give the same answer; save your soul with the Holy Books because the world is gripped by a ''Satanic conspiracy''. Do you realize that they are promoting that which they say they don't want?

    If we were are all Christians/Muslims/Jews, a one world government would be in place soon. Like the Vatican used to rule the West, just a little bigger than that. They are promoting that which they say they are against.

    Are the people we see these days in politics good people? Most here will say no they are not, yet they most of them claim to belong to one of the three Abrahamic books. They oppose the rights of anyone different than them.

    The Abrahamic books are full of violence, incest, and a God that hates everyone who doesn't believe in him so much that he will torment them forever. How is tormenting anyone forever a fair punishment for the short time we spend on earth? How is that a God of love?

    I believe Abrahamic religion made a joke of God, turning love into hate, abuse into peace, and inverted everything. I am not a satanist like the person who posted this because I believe Satan is an Abrahamic concept too, but I find it odd to find so many defendants of conservative Abrahamic ideas on conspiracy forums.

    Now I am not saying that evil is limited to Abrahamic religion, evil undeniably is part of the nature of man. It is found among practitioners of all religions.

    But how are you so sure that the true word of God is in these books?

    I have seen this pattern when I was looking for answers, and obviously started to think something was off. Free thinkers shouldn't all give the same answers, maybe this conspiracy is not Satanic at all; but in fact Abrahamic and patriarchal.

    I have thought about this extensively.. I believe Satan is the true liberator of mankind, which is why he is demonized and put away as 'evil''. The ruling elite have no use for independent thinkers, they rather have ''sheep'' who flock to their ''sheperd'' or their holy book. Abrahamic faith promotes weakness, turning the other cheek to your tormentors and being a good slave.

    The occult is a system one can work to empower oneself, and therefore no longer be a slave to the elite. The elite don't want us to realize we are all Gods, and want to keep this knowledge to themselves. The letters ''JHVH'' are nothing more but the four elements of the Jewish magical system. JHVH is a false deity, invented to keep the masses quiet.

    Thankfully, the Church is globally losing power. Religion is becoming less popular, and more people are questioning mindless obedience. The age of Aquarius is coming, and soon the tables will be turned. More people will openly oppose religion then ever, and more people will find the truth. I look forward to the coming time.

    Soon the true conspiracy will be known for all!
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  3. Jeeves Valued Senior Member

    So, you are against the currently most powerful religions, but do believe in God and Satan.
    If the literature of the Abrahamic religions is unreliable source of information regarding deity,
    by what means do you comprehend their character?
    If the moral codes of these religions are unacceptable, but good and evil are real,
    by what standard and/or criteria do you valuate persons, institutions and acts?
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  5. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Don't think it would work out that way. Within a few years the Mormons would be at war with the Russian Orthodox, and the Baptists would be announcing jihad against the morally corrupt "great Satan" Methodists.
    Those books were written by men - so they are, at best, what men think of God.
    I think that Satan is as much a liberator as Santa Claus is. (After all, Santa brings presents and preaches peace and generosity.)
    If popular music teaches us anything, the age of Aquarius came just after 1967.
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  7. Jeeves Valued Senior Member

    ...and went in 1980...
  8. spidergoat pubic diorama Valued Senior Member

  9. TaraGaia Registered Member

    I guess my post was not entirely clear about this.

    I am not a Satanist, I just think that within the context of their mythology Satanism would make more sense than to become a Christian/Jew/or Muslim.

    My personal beliefs align more with Buddhism than anything else, but they have little to do with the intention of this thread.

    The intention of this thread is to discuss the Abrahamic religions as a conspiracy.
  10. exchemist Valued Senior Member

    A moment's glance at history shows how ridiculous this idea is. Jews, Christians and Muslims have been rivals, to the point of bloodshed, for large parts of their history.

    Personally, I have no time for this glib popular notion that there is some "elite" that keeps us in subjugation, or that most politicians are not good people. I think it is lazy thinking by people who take refuge in victimhood rather than acknowledging their personal responsibilities. The populations of the developed world have never in history been so free as they are today, and that is largely due to the effort of our elected politicians, via enlightened lawmaking. It seems to me that most people who enter politics do so from a desire to improve society, according to their own ideas of how best to do this.
  11. Jeeves Valued Senior Member

    In order to form a conspiracy, you'd need conspirators - that is, a small, exclusive group of people who get together and secretly agree to a course of action, in order to achieve some specific, finite goal.

    Abraham - if he existed - was a nomadic herdsman in Mesopotamia, sometime around 1800BC. He carried around a jumble of cultural traditions and mythologies dating back to Sumer.
    Jesus - if he existed - was a tradesman in Roman-occupied Israel. He was taught the religion of a small agricultural nation, influenced by the more sophisticated Egyptian, Babylonian and Greek cultures, since their settlement. While he accepted most of the then-prevailing Hebrew belief-system, his countrymen largely rejected his innovations on it.
    Muhammad did exist, in 600AD. He read the books of the two previous religions and made such innovations as he knew would appeal to his own people. The Roman empire had been converted to Christianity (which was no longer at all Jewish) and he needed to unite the Arab tribes for their common defence.

    Just how were these three men supposed to conspire?
    As for their ideological descendants and followers, they continued to be mutually hostile throughout their histories, except for some brief periods of uneasy truce.

    Of course religion is used by the power elites of all times and places to consolidate their hold on the population of their country or empire. That's not conspiracy; that's rulership.
  12. TaraGaia Registered Member

    I know that, but they are called ''Abrahamic religions'' because their books have the same origin. The prophet Abraham. That they are violently opposed to each other makes sense, as their books call for bloodshed in general.

    Popular notion? I've not seen this idea on the mainstream news yet, but that may be me

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Lazy thinking? How so? As you can see, what I've written is not your average consipiracy drivel, as I think it's nonsense that the world is supposedly ran by a Satanic Elite. I am just asking whether the Abrahamic books are a deception to control the masses or not. And whether maybe in a spiritual sense, they were written to keep the masses tame.

    And maybe you're right about politicians, I mean I won't say I know them all personally. But there's a system in place that they need to enter in before they can be elected, so how free are they really to say what they want?

    Just food for thought, that is all I intented to give.
  13. origin Heading towards oblivion Valued Senior Member

    I suppose that you could say that all religions are conspiracy theories of a sort. Religions are probably really just more of a collusion, where everyone in a certain religion decides to go along with a set of beliefs that have no basis in fact.
  14. Jeeves Valued Senior Member

    The world is not run by a Satanic elite. It is run by a money elite.

    This is not merely a matter of what they own outright - which is a good deal of the transportation, communication, water, food and medicine that we all need - but what they control through money: information, international relations and politics.

    They're not interested in religion, or ideology, except as economic tools.
  15. exchemist Valued Senior Member

    I'm now a bit confused. You allege a conspiracy. If you acknowledge that Judaism , Christianity and Islam are NOT conspiring together, then can you explain what exactly is this conspiracy that you suggesting exists? Who is conspiring with whom?

    If what you are suggesting is that the Abrahamic religions individually set out to control people, then who was it that did that? I'd suggest if it was anyone it would have been the various religious authorities in each of them. Are these, then, the "ruling elite" that you speak of? The Pope and the College or Cardinals? The rabbis? The imams? Do you really think these people rule, nowadays?
  16. river

    It isn't a con , people , it is reality .

    Both cults exist , vying for our devotion to Them .

    Cults of satan and the abrahamic , are both the same in the end ; they want to control the Human psychology . Human development . Both by intellect and emotionally .

    But neither hold Humanity as First , and formost . In their thinking .

    Hence my threads numerous times about Humanity believing in themselves . For infinity .

    I hope for our survival based on our ability to understand , our position .


    It's ALWAYS ABOUT THEM , not HUMANITY , HUMANITY IS US , you know You , your Family , ancesters , your childern , your childerns , childern , etc .

    Get it ......?
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2017

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