Why are americans fat?

What does an American lover say during sex?

"Oh baby, would you mind passing me the mayonnaise?"

Anyone know T-Rex from the movie 'Orgasmo'. Her voice (done by Trey Parker) perfectly animates this!
Americans are fat because we were the pioneers of driving ourselves everywhere. Other countries are following soon, the UK already has an epidemic of obesity, and China is on the way.
Americans are fat because we were the pioneers of driving ourselves everywhere.

That is because, it is dangerous to use bike these days - too many cars are on the road and idiots are driving them. In densely populated areas, people are afraid to walk for the fear of getting mugged or raped. Only in Malls, you can walk and eat...and eat....
Right, because everyone's driving! It's a viscious circle. I actually watched my neighbors drive a car accross their lawn to where their humungus RV was parked! I don't even have to tell you, the kids are all quite plump. They spend their summer driving quads in circles around the yard.
This means they have money. They probably have their company outsourced to India or China to make more money. When the kids hit 35, they will die or be in a wheel chair due to diabetics or heart disease ...it would be interesting to see what happens in the next 30 years to our demographics.

Stomach bypass would be the surgery by that time.
Well no, the dad owns a bunch of construction equipment, which he likes to play with around the yard too.
I know that new yorkers walk a lot, also hawaii is very pedestrian friendly. They walk everywhere. The majority of america is not pedestrian friendly and don't have sidewalks that actually connect, wide enough or are safe. Also stores and marts are not close enough to housing whereas in hawaii there is usually something in walking distance. It's pretty smart and livable that way.
Just for the record, I'm not fat, and I'm an american. There. I just dismissed all speculation regarding fat americans by one simple personal example.

Yay me!
Sorry my friend. Not gonna happen. Google "Gary Oldman" and you'll get the general idea.

<---this dude....okey.

As a group, Asian Indians have one of the highest rates of heart disease in the world, three times higher than in the United States. In spite of a fairly healthy lifestyle, many Asian Indians have very high levels of the blood fat triglyceride and low levels of HDL (the good cholesterol), as well as a high incidence of diabetes. Researchers have been trying to figure out why the group is at higher risk.