Why does GOD pick and choose who to screw over?

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Trevor B. Morris

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Ever since i decided to get sober, keep a job, and be responsible with my life...GOD has always found a way to fuck me. Whether its taking something or someone i love away from me, or just keeping me finacially embaressed...he always finds a way. That is why i stopped going to church, and started to do the wrong things because if i do the right things, he punishes me for it. I try to gamble to get extra mo ey to give to my fiance but every single god damn time...i lose!!+ Thats why as of today...im saying GOD CAN SUCK MY BALLS. IF HE WAS REAL AND STANDING IN FRONT OF ME ID SLAP HIM WITH MY DICK AND KICK HIM IN THE THROAT. GOD IS A HOAX AND I AM SO GLAD JESUS WAS CRUCIFIED FOR REPRESENTING SUCH AN ASSHOLE.
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