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I am a believer that UFOs do exist for sure...it is very tiny minded to think that we are the only lifeforms in the entire universe! - HOWEVER - Something I have just noticed when looking at pictures of UFOs..
Why is it that if you look at all the UFO pictures as a whole taken from way back when up til now, that the UFOs seem to get more technically advanced as time progresses? I mean look a picture of a UFO in the 60s. It looks like something you would expect from the 60s, but when you look at a picture of a current UFO, it looks more modern....y? Because these are all fakes! I think to prove a TRUE UFO picture, you need to see a UFO that looks like it is modern today, only it was taken in the 60s. Get my point?
I can't offer any truly solid theory for you, though I would like to add that, among the many Ufo specials produced for television since 1994, one frequent cameo is of a Renaissance-era painting of Madonna and child which bears, in the background, several people pointing up toward a hovering, crown-like disk; the Book of Ezekiel, I think, contains an encounter which I learned at age 8 was a Biblical Ufo encounter; since then, a Lutheran preacher told me the passage doesn't exist, and a college prof actually used the story in his curriculum, telling of cherubim and the Ark of the Covenant.

If the 19th century saw balloons, that makes sense no matter how you look at it.

"I saw something flying."
--What was it?
"It was big."
--Was it a bird?
"No, bigger, like one of those French airships. But different . . . ."

Hence, Ufos of that era came to resemble zeppelins and balloons. On that note, Huxley, in "Jesting Pilate", recounts a prince in India describing a millennia-old legend that a king of bygone era would fly in zeppelins to what could, Huxley concluded, only be the American land mass.

Cigars? They looked like planes of the era without wings. Or they were modified zeppelin-esque designs.

Balls of light are fun. Bright bulbs hovering in the sky ... it's a lot easier to make that special effect for television.

I suppose it's hard to describe something which doesn't exist otherwise in your universe. "It glowed like an angel," was "round like a balloon," etc. It seems to indicate one of two things:

1) That the myths reflect the age; hence, mythical creations are endowed with an image familiar to its creator.

2) That people who saw legitimate Ufos could only describe what they saw in context of the day; angels and devils, etc.

Sorry to ramble on. I meant to be quicker with that. But I must apologize that I have no better answer than this.


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