Why ???

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Why is it wrong to seek a safe haven? Not for the criminal element, but for comon people..

We find all kinds of historical figures past and present seeking asylum and going into exile since the beginning of time?

Why is this such a problem for some...

Are the ones fearing those trying to seek a safe haven because of some unknown agenda of there own?

This is a mystery to me...

can we have some comments on this from the community here on sciforums?

Fear. Ppl are scared stupid. Trust no one and look out for #1 :(

It is scary to be surrounded by such a whipped breed of humans.
They wont help you since they fear you could be preying on them.
The paranoia is feeding on everybody and turning them away from common decency.

Ooh, what a bringdown. I gotta stroke a cat now....

I suppose you are right, I never considered that?


Preying on?? For what?......
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Political Reasons

Local authorities keeping upper level authorities from hearing about serious human rights issues..

Its endagered there lives and they cant get any help.

They have the phones line secured, the internet patched to their liasons, and all roadways blocked.

They are using electromagnetic advanced technologies to inflict pain and civil rights abuses...(Nazi tactics to control, inflict more pain)

As well as the cover of being legit officals looking out for the best interests of the people complaining.

Propaganda is used when a message is got out. Its deplorable to say the least. Children are being flooded with harmful rays and waves that are high frequency for evesdropping purposes..

Its rationalized at all local levels, and the persons getting the treatment are suffering....

What would you do??

In a dog eat dog world those are natural tools for keeping control.
The fear of your neighbour is successful operation mindfuck techniques.

Conspiracy theories? No. It´s just the system. Propably not masterminded, just a evolution of powerbased politics. I for one can not trust anyone that has the need to govern. Those are the dangerous ones.
What phone lines secured???
What roads blocked???
What electromagnetic technologies???

I have to put it bluntly. You're off your rocker. Unless you have some kind of proof, likes names, numbers, or such, that don't rely on "I read it in an independent newspaper that they are trying to supress...", it's just the ramblings of people who can't deal with the fact that they are 99% responsible for the successes and failures in their lives.

I am very familiar with propagandist techniques. I studied advertising techniques as well. The two are almost identical.

The only thing holding the people down are the people themselves. What do you have that says otherwise?

If I seem standoffish (aw heck, downright hostile), it's because of the vagueness of your declaration. Present it like a journalist (presumably one with integrity). Who? What? When? Where? How? (Without a direct interview, no journalist with integrity would presume to present why.) Flesh it out, then let's parlez.
Oxigen, I agree with you totally in this.

The great leaders of the countries like to have strong control over all the inhabitants of their country and that is why they invent so much stupid laws and rules from which they assume everybody shall walk needly inline.:p

Well, it ain't gonna work for I refuse to do so and with me a lot of others, walking around in this world.

Let the 'leaders' be happy with the thought they control everyone and everything...it is a farce, not everybody does so, not in a long run.;)

And I agree with MuliBoy, humans are afraid another human shall bring harm to them and by having (and holding) strong control over themselves, they try to keep the 'evil' ones away.
So they think... :rolleyes:

Sail yourself for complete control, is that really what you want?
You can have anything you see, you can live, you can drink, even walk on water, anything you want......little quote by Pink Floyd.