word cognition

Taws blirilg, and the stihly teovs did grye and gelmie in the wbae

The Jaberwocky by none other than Mr. Lewis Carroll himself.

Its about me, you know.
Please read this sentence and count the F's:

Finished files are the result of years of scientific study combined with the experience of years.

Most people on first reading that sentence will count 3.
Umm, there's not six f's in that entire post. Unless I'm missing something.
I count three f's, one upper-case, the other two lower-case.

:mad: Explain! NOW!
Hree's a tip: floolw ecah lteter wtih yuor msuoe whtiuot rdanieg the autcal wdors and jsut cnuot the f's.
Doesn't this go back to simple Aristotle? Our brains always categorize things or we would be spending our entire lives distinguishing one thing from another.
Sorry, i usually write it all in caps to save any misunderstandings. Apologies.

Usually people count only 3 f's. (they miss all the of's). What seems to happen is people with a mathematical type brain get it right, simply because they actually count the f's instead of reading the words which ends up normally with 3. The same thing can be done with stuff like:

mistake in
in the world

Where people usually completely miss the second 'in'. The word is instantly recognised and pretty much ignored.