Yin and Yang


The name of that ancient greek philosopher was Heraclitus. I agree, his beliefs were similar. Just for point of interest here is another quote by him: "We both step and do not step into the rivers; we both are and are not."
Makes sense if you see male and female in that sort of archetypal way. Still, Terry Pratchet would argue that it's actually the dark that penetrates the room when you turn the light off.

Don't agree about Yin and Yang. IMO it's whole sense as a symbol is as a representation of the inherent dualism of this existence, thus it should be just two sided.
My Philosophy

I carry a yin-yang sign around my neck and like to think about the power of the opposites. Without darkness there cant be light, without evil we cant tell who is good. Yin and yang is not only about this simple opposites.
For example accepting something - discriminating it
Having fear of something - attacking it
Having low self confidence - hate

As you can see being on the extreme side doesnt help you much so to reach the true power and wisdom you must move towards the balance.

I also want to say something about the number 3. I am not sure why but 3 is a holy number in Islam. A lot of things are made 3 times.
Agree about 3. Yin and Yang are dual but imply a third - the singular thing (and concept of thing) from which they arise.
That one thing is the origin of existance, the void that cannot be emptied or filled. How can something come out of nothing? ( That is another question all together though ;) )

The concpet of yin and yang not only implies a third, but a fourth a fifth out on into infinity.( The Yin yang the, five elements, the pa kua and so fourth. )