Your Top5 favorite movies


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since i have started i should start. lol.
in at number5:
jammin in at number4:
followed by:
slam bammin in at number2:
Godfather Part1
and right up there in the number one spot is:
Apocalypse Now

aye aye.
Allright, going in the crazy reverse order. (I count series as one movie allright)

5.)The Crow



2.)Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade/Raiders of the Lost Ark (Temple of Doom never eally did anything for me.)

1.) Jurassic Park

- I don't know how accurate this is but those are deffinetely the top, but I also like a bunch of other movies. Spider-Man, Memento, All the James Bond Series, American Beauty, just to name a few. What can I say: I AM A MOVIE FREAK!
5) Alien.

4) Joe's appartment.

3) Fried green tomatoes.

2) To Wong Foo.

1) Torchsong trilogy
That's a difficult one. I've seen so many good movies, it's hard to chose just five of them. Just a general few:

* The Matrix
* Forrest Gump
* The Green Mile
* Contact
* The Wall ( I am sorry, it is Pink Floyd - I'm hooked on Pink Floyd)
* The Mummy ( sorry, that are six, I can go on for hours, though :p)

heh heh, its cool, no two people have put the same movie twice. I dont know if this thing has been done before but hey, there ya go.

aye aye
Bbcboy, Joe's Apartment rocks, especially the bit with the killer cat. :)
1. Lost Highway
2. The Crow
3. Legends of the fall
4. Natural born killers
5. The Matrix

But all my lists shift constantly.
bbcboy ...

Surprised you didn't include "Love! Valor! Compassion!

Biggest surprise for me was Jason Alexander's poignant performance.

Take care.
2) Matrix
3) Men in tights and space balls (well they are both by terri brooks so they can go together)
4) MIB
5) all the lethal wepons
Yes, I agree Asguard.:) All the Lethal Weapons...they rock. :)

All Mad Max movies too. And Assassins, though I don't like Sylvester Stallone, this one particular movie I do like. It's a pity Sly is the everlasting hero again. I'd liked to see Antonio Banderas win in this movie - the Craze he is playing here is worth it. ;)

And...and...I have to think...:p
Movies! yay!

5: The Mummy

3: American Beauty

1: The Matrix

4: Spiderman

2: Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

How's that for a crazy screwed up order? hehehe
i wish there was more room because the 2 bill and ted movies would have come next

"they beat me":D


what a line
And then there are:
*Johnny Mn....(?) - with Keanu Reeves
in the main part, who plays a man with a mind in which he can upload data for companies and has to download it at a certain place, a lot of troubles on the way as you can guess...and oh, I can't tell it right, it's a wondeful movie, though...;)

*Vampire's Kiss
*The Lost Boys
was a good movie too, not "deep", good, very nice to watch...:)
5) Requiem For A Dream

4) Pi

3) American Beauty

2) Spanish Prisoner

1) Usual Suspects
Did I ever say I have weird tastes when it comes to movies?



Weird Science (of all things)

Scent Of A Woman

Apocalypse Now

in no particular order

# Brat 1 and 2
#Crouching Tigger Hidden Dragon
# Stargate

and more also very enjoyable

#Knights Tale
#Star Wars (not episode I, but the rest)
[#Jay and silent Bob strike back
# Dude where's my car
#Men in tights
Hot shots 1 and 2
#Mars Attacks] these are hilarious
# 13th soldier
# White Dwarf (I duno why I liked this movie, but it has smth in it)
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1)Taxi and Taxi 2
2)La j'etait (i think thats it-you know the photo-roman '12 monkeys' was based on - this short really kicks ass)
2)American Beauty
3)Crouching Tiger...
4)Schindlers List
5)High Fidelity

i also really love singing in the rain or anything with sexy clark gable,
i think a kirsten sheridan (jims daughter) film could be up here once she gets the right script.