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These genetically modified fish are the world's first glow-in-the-dark pets. Developed by a Taiwanese aquatic firm, Taikong Group, they go on sale in six months.
I am curious to know the price.

I have the whole solar system on my ceiling as accurate as I could get glowing plus I have a fishtank. So even more glow at night to calm my fears of the dark. :D
u can search in yahoo or hotbot the name of the company Taikong Group i suspect that right when they come out to the market the price will be high but it will fall soon after.
I'm guessing if you get a bunch of translucent fish in a tank with a black background and a Ultraviolet Light shining from above, that the very fish oils that exist within the fish will shine in a illuminous Yellow.

Odd that's just what the picture looks like.

I noted this from a mixture of a Squid being under Ultraviolet and from oil on fries while under ultraviolet. Which basically means that it's either fish oil or more probably Ammonia.

Ammonia (NH3) is lighter than water, and because its a liquid fish have it within their systems to help deal with compression at depths. (and because at depth your body would end up with a nitrogen intake)
kmguru is not the url for that company
they just got there some spam and a we just regged this dns notice.

maybe i'll look the comp site l8er
Oh, poor fish.

I think it´s wrong to mutate animals just for decoration purpose, or for any other purpose too.

What will come next, the glow in the dark kitten? :eek:

Or maybe the kitten's poo so you don't have to turn on the light to miss it.
Wet1, That has actually been done with doggy pooh.
Of course the reality wasn't that the Dog was genetically modified, it was actually down to a particular type of dog food that was on the test market.

Within the tin of shreaded horse oops... dog food :D they had mixed into the food small pieces of a illuminous material.
The problems were:

The dog's stomach shouldn't digest the material, because it could make the dog ill.

It didn't glow well enough

The price was higher than normal dog food which meant that the recent years of people using pooper scoopers would be wasting loads of money, just to be puting out in the rubbish the glowy bits.

(I still say they are just normal white or transparent fish with an Ultraviolet Light shining from above. Any fish tank can achieve that look without falling for a scam)
Glow in the dark...

...DOG POO????? :D

Why, so people shouldn´t have to step on it in the streets? That is stupid! :rolleyes: Aren´t there streetlights? :confused:

Glow in the dark catpee would be ok, wouldn´t it Bebelina?

So you wouldn´t have to search all over the house for the source of the stench in the future I mean.

Development process initiated right away here :)
How aout getting those plastic granules that were used to remove rain clouds, and placing them into the cat food. Then when the cat pees, the granules (Which have been refined to a constituancy similar to liquid) soak up the pee and stench, then you can just vacuum it up.

[Warning: Don't feed your cat and dog anything as odd as I have stated in any of my posts, they might get injured, die or be really expensive if they develop a taste for that particular product.]
Yes MuliBoy!

That would be excellent! Then I don´t even have to point out the spot for clean it up. :D

Stryder, I think I rushed ahead a bit, before reading your whole have killed my cats! :mad: :D

I could have been worse if your cat had eaten one of those fish.
as well as I mention "You want me to clean your cat pee up?", :eek: :( :p that could be taken in many ways with many meanings ;):cool:
Worse how?

Oh, you mean for the fish? Because the cats would have died anyway...(no they are actually very alive still....unfortunately....:D). And you are VERY welcome to come and clean up cat-pee whenever you want! But please explain first what other meanings that statement could have...:confused:
I wasn't suggesting anything by that statement or any other, but I just hope you playing coy. :D

Sorry had to say that as I couldn't pass up the opportunity to say coy, As for what my statement ment, It was suggesting that your original statement could of been percieved as an invitation... ;)<BR><BR> clean up cat pee :D
Coy? ...coy, coy, coy...?

Funny word, what does it mean? :confused:

Yes, it was an clean up cat pee! :D

I said coy, because of Koy Carp (I hope that makes sense to you :D)

Bebelina I think you've missed the post in "Free Thoughts | What would you wish for?" I posted something I just wanted to manke sure you have read it :D
I just read it.

Thanks , that was very nice! And right too, I like to fluff things up a little ...:D

But I´m ashamed to say that I do not know about Koy Carp, you think I should? :confused: