Goodbye Sciforums!

Discussion in 'About the Members' started by Avatar, Oct 19, 2008.

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  1. Betrayer0fHope MY COHERENCE! IT'S GOING AWAYY Registered Senior Member

    And how can we keep in contact with you?
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  3. (Q) Encephaloid Martini Valued Senior Member

    There's still little reason for Plazma to have publicly humiliated Avatar that way, based on an assumption, no less.

    Yet, I didn't see a rash of threads complaining about Avatar in much the same way we see threads complaining about Sam. Yet, Sam continues.

    Any comment, James?
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  5. phlogistician Banned Banned

    And just when did you turn into such a bitch, James?
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  7. Gustav Banned Banned

    the holier that thou ruse
    how disingenuous

    we know you, avatar
    you might fool the noobs but some here know you got as cuntish as your former collegues did
  8. Dr Lou Natic Unnecessary Surgeon Registered Senior Member

    He used to, a long time ago. It's like either getting his job, or getting good at it, gave him a keen eye for injustice. I was lucky enough to be born with one, but I think most people just genuinely aren't picking up on the injustice of how sciforums is run, including most mods.
    Avatar was forcibly attuned to it, then he stumbled back into sciforums and was like "wtf?! This is all wrong...". I can only credit him for speaking up.
    I never thought exceptionally of him, I didn't dislike him, but didn't think him especially decent either. This has changed my mind, he is exceptional. I don't think he cares especially about baron or hates tiassa anymore than the average normal person, I really believe it was purely based on his sense of justice, his strength of character demanded he say something.
    Bravo, he leaves a legend.
  9. Gustav Banned Banned


    funny shit, ja?
    baron max rather than the monkey

    Gustav 10.20 "You will be judged by the company you keep."
  10. Gustav Banned Banned


    all right

    a trifling matter......

  11. Dr Lou Natic Unnecessary Surgeon Registered Senior Member

    I fail to see the point of quoting bells missing the point?
  12. Gustav Banned Banned


    The Winter of Tiassa's Discontent

    i could like so bat for my dog.

    she did not
    you are just a retard
  13. Dr Lou Natic Unnecessary Surgeon Registered Senior Member

    No, she really did.

    It absolutely does not matter if avatar's inklings were off with the fairies. If he felt an oncoming ban "in his waters" and blindly foretold it, good.
    I don't believe this was the case, mind you, he provided screenshots which showed tiassa reveling in his authority, laying it out there that a ban of baron was imminent for simply crossing him, how the other mods were free to voice concerns but ultimately they were worth nothing more than a dick in the arse, etc.
    Honestly, none of this matters.
    Avatar, rightly or wrongly, saw something going down, he had an intuitive suspicion of where it was headed, and he nipped it in the bud by alerting the public.
    Maybe he misjudged the situation, so fucking what? What happened? Nothing.
    But for showing a consciencious concern for what is right and just, he was demoted. That's the primary value of the whole situation, I said at the beginning it has nothing to do with baron max, it's all about a moderator "betraying" the mod squad (in their view), by simply alerting the public when they see something that isn't right in the mod lounge. The fact this is "betrayal" and oh so reprehensible to the mod squad, says oh so much about what kind of a "squad" we are dealing with.
    Avatar exhibitted decent human attributes and was punished for them, removed from the group of moderators. This indicates the rest of the mod squad lacks these attributes (or are at the very least forbidden from being slaves to them), and so may god have mercy on us all.

    It was news to me quite how sinister the stipulations for mods are, it wasn't news for avatar, he knew he was in for trouble, but it didn't stop him due to the fact that justice and general human decency mean more to him than keeping sinister mod secrets.

    It's totally missing the point that baron wasn't banned, if avatar waited untill baron was banned to say some shit, I would have said "thanks for nothing, fuckface", but he didn't, that's just it.
    For the good of general morality and ethics, he broke ranks, and showed himself to be human. Maybe mistakenly, I don't think so, but it quite seriously would make absolute ZERO difference if it was.
  14. Balerion Banned Banned

    I don't know the situation myself, but being a moderator at another forum for the past ten years, I have seen oh-so-many of these situations before. Typically (well, almost always, really) the person leaving is doing so because they want some attention drawn either to themselves or the people/person they have a beef with.

    Just reading Avatar's post, it looks like he just wants someone to ban Baron Max. The fact of the matter is that Avatar could just do what I did for the past six months--put Baron Max on the Ignore List. There is literally no reason to suffer any fools on this forum thanks to that little feature.

    And if someone is willing to ditch their online buddies over one or two douchebags they had the means to ignore in the first place...who wants him around, anyway? Good riddance.
  15. one_raven God is a Chinese Whisper Valued Senior Member

    1.) He doesn't want t ban BaronMax. In fact it is the opposite - he was standing up against those who wanted to ban BaronMax.
    2.) Mods do not have the option to ignore members, anyway.
  16. Balerion Banned Banned

    You say tomato, I say tomato.

    ...hmm...that doesn't come across so well in print, does it?

    Regardless, the point is that he's making a scene for the sake of making a scene. If he was truly that troubled, and not in it for the pity party, he'd have left quietly. Since he did not, I can only assume that he's in it for the "Awww, don't goooo! Yer so kewl, don't gooooo!"
  17. one_raven God is a Chinese Whisper Valued Senior Member

    to-MAH-to to-MAY-to, perhaps?
    Regardless the whole point of all this, was that he made a big stink over people trying to ban Baron Max and trying to keep that from happening.
  18. Zakariya04 and it was Valued Senior Member

    eeerrr good luck avatar

    who tried to ban baron von maximus... he has only started posting again!!!??
  19. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    Maybe "LURVE-APPLE".
  20. Bells Staff Member

    Can I ask you a question? How long had Avatar been a moderator for?

    He claimed to be someone who cares for human rights and ethical behaviour? Correct?

    So, in light of his claims, why didn't he ever speak out before when similar discussions took place? Why now? Why didn't he ever publicly stand up for anyone else in all the time he has been a moderator here?

    You only saw a small portion of his (very personal) argument with Tiassa. To quote Stryder:

    He also knew very well that Baron was at no time at risk of being banned or even warned. And again, I reiterate, he knew that Baron was not at risk of being banned or even warned.

    As I said, you only saw what he wanted you to see. You believe him? Good for you. I am not here to change your mind. I am just reminding you that you are only seeing and hearing what you want to see and hear and what he wanted you to see and hear.

    I think James is probably right. He saw an opportunity to burn his bridges on his departure and he took it.


    So long Avatar. You have, if nothing else, made things a bit more interesting. May you start fighting the good fight... soon.. hopefully.
  21. Baron Max Registered Senior Member

    And yet, while all this shit was going on, Baron Max was, in fact, threatened with banishment, then subsequently actually and really banned!!! And, yeah, banned by Tiassa in a thread that he and I were having a heated discussion. He didn't like my comment, so he banned me!!

    Now what do ya' have to say, Bells?

    Baron Max
  22. Bells Staff Member

    You were banned for reposting moderated material. Something that has always resulted in a ban in the past, regardless of who did it. You have been here long enough to know the rules Baron.

    From what I recall, you weren't banned by Tiassa but by someone else. So that someone else may have agreed that your 'reposting of moderated material' was a breach of the rules that warranted a ban.

    Funny how different things look with some perspective, isn't it Baron?
  23. Dr Lou Natic Unnecessary Surgeon Registered Senior Member

    I answered before you asked, how extraordinary-
    That would make a difference- if he really was certain baron wasn't going to be banned.
    But honestly, put yourself in my shoes, why would I choose to trust you over him at this point? He has come out and exposed secret shady goings on at great risk to himself, you are in damage control like a loyal little minion, while continuing to cover up what happened.
    You're not exactly making it a difficult choice.
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