Music Influences

Pink is the next Madonna, definately not Britney Spears. Don't ask me why, I just think so. That new album of hers is a total new thing than her last. Yet enough of this. Pink isn't of much value, as are most of today's new musicians. I'm not counting on bands, either. Excluding Radiohead, they all tend to get a little too blearyheaded and predictable. I'm counting on singer-songwriters, Alicia Keys, David Gray, Jill Scott etc.

Wow, I haven't posted for awhile. How stupid I must sound. Anyone take a look at 'Foursquare Centres'? What was that I wrote? I really don't know. Nor do I care to. You try to make your own sense of it, cause I'm not even going to attempt it.

So, it turns out Heinz is the thickest afer all. Followed by Hunt's, Disney World official. How about a thread for rebuilding the WTC? I think I'll do that.

Sorry, anyone in this thread. I have just used you for my personal thoughts. And did you hear....

The next Michael Jackson video will cost 64 MILLION dollars? And it's directed jointly by Steven Speilberg, George Lucas, and Francis Ford Coppolla. Not that anyone cares, but i thought I'd share taht as a ridiculous notion for today, December 8th. Rainy and Cold.
Bobby Lee you are very right.:)

Everybody has his/her own favorite Musicians.

There is so much going on in Music land now a days and there are good Mucisians and worse Mucisians among them.

I prefer the older Music, but there are a few good ones who are not that old and make good Music these day's.

Like The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Aerosmith.
Older Musicians, but still making the same good Rock 'n Roll...;)

And then there is one new Musician who I think makes good Music: MUSE...wonderful, great Artist...

Do you have some more stories to tell about Musicians?

Love to read them...

You seem to be very well versed in Music history for the "Modern Man, or Woman?"

Why dont you take the lead for awhile on the artical writing?

I like your opinins just fine myself.

Ive been listening to the new billboard artists, there are some very good performers out there. So many infact, its hard to write about any without leaving someone out!

In my opinion, the music and entertainment biz isnt based on how good you are. Lots of other factors are involved!

Bobby Lee:cool:)
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Janet Jacksons Back and Hot....

Janet Jackson has established for a longtime that she is a stand alone act that can rival the best of them.

She has had some personal things that have delayed her limelight, but guess what?

Tickets are available for her new tour........go, go, go man, its a show you'll never forget!

Bobby James Lee
*Michael D. Venable:)
Greatest Hits Albums Soar...

The Eagles, Carly Simon, Carole King, Reo Speedwagon, James Taylor, All Motown Artists, Aerosmith, Led Zepplin, Styx, Foriener, All CMT artist have hit a market for sales.

Sony and Bmg have been seeing a rise in remaster and release of older material.

New artist also have been doing remakes.

On the Top ten scene, "Creed" is doing very well in the market sales. Ticket sales are up and it looks like we picked a winner again.

More to come.....

Bobby Lee@
Michael D. Venable
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Yeah...Styx is very good.

Bobby Lee, all the Artists you mention, I have mentioned at the Topic 'Favorite Band and Mucians' in the Free Thoughts Forum. ;)

And I do agree with you that there is a lot of good Music to be found now a days.

Go see Janet Jackson, great performer...

As far as the Music you love goes...That is different for every one I guess. But I give my opinion about what I love.:)

Have you heard about Roger Waters giving Concerts in the U.K. and the Netherlands? That will be great...
And Also....

Pink Floyd Rules....

How about the Band Sweet?

Lets not forget Eric Clapton(Clapp)

Gordon Lightfoot,

and 10cc's hit........ "Im not In Love?"

Great Performers.....

Pink Floyd rules...

Yes, Pink Floyd rules. Always...

But I love Eric Clapton also really much. Have albums by him, what do you think?:)

As far as 10CC concerns, I love some songs made by them when they were in the old formation. When they split up it became less good then before and it was a little good I think in the old formation.

I love the song 'I am not in love...' - Great song. And there was one I forgot the name of, but Lol Cream sung it not Eric Stewart who does 'Iam not in love...'

Do you know which one I mean Bobby Lee? It was a big hit back then. 'Carol' or something like that. A girls name any way.

Good to hear you love such great Music.;)

(hear P.Floyd at the radio now, while I am typing...great!)
Carol?? Cream??

Ill have to go back to that one, as soon as I can find the Album? I know that Layla was a hit, but I didnt think Cream Did it when Clapton was with them. I could be wrong. These bands are a generation ahead of me. The White Room by Cream was a good one, and many others.

I did hear some Gordon Lightfoot today, Lay Down Sally, and The Edmond Fitzgerald. I kinda like the ballad stuff.

I also heard one that I use to listen to by Pure Prairie League "Amy"..

Do you dig the Eagles?

gotta go for now....

Ill get back to ya on the Cream stuff, I

I still like the Beatles White Albums songs, not all of them, but alot of them? "Day In A Life!"

How about Paul Revere and the Raiders, "Stepping Stone", and "Kicks?" I think the Monkeys did one of these also??

Did you remember Sweet?

bye for now....

For The Rock Blue's Here Is A Clue

Gary Moore is still a dynamo, I saw a video of him and Im still impressed........

Back to whats happening now in the music scene

Tomarro I'll get back to the top Billboard tunes for the recent artists. We just needed to mention those that came before us!


"The Cars Greatest Hits"

get it now in their Greatest hits collection and :Let The Good Times Roll!":)
Gary Moore...Eagles...

There you name some great Musicians. :)

Totally forgot to mention Gary Moore and the Eagles. Great Music. You know 'Still Got The Blues' by Gary Moore, for instance? Great song, great can find it at the Internet and download it at your computer. My son has it and plays it every day.;)

I was referring to 10CC with that song called 'Carol' or something. One of the members of 10CC is called Lol Cream.

The band Cream is something completely different, with Eric Clapton in the leadrow, wonderful, as everything made by Eric Clapton.:) In Cream and as a solo Artist.

And I remember The Sweet yes, even got a little single-record by them. Wasn' t that fond of them, some songs yes...

Heart I love...good Music you have found again Bobby Lee...great.

Go on please, I remember more and more as soon as you mention them.;) Forget the half of the great Musicians I love, to mention most of the time...Love so much Music...
Well, Banshee(Maybe Next Time)

I understand now?

Here's a line from a Eagles tune "Hotel California!"

quote, "Some Dance To Remember, An Some Dance To Forget!"

How about you Banshee?

Ill write more later.....

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Hotel California...

You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave...:)

By the way, that song by 10CC is called 'Donna', I remembered it all of a sudden, yesterday evening.

What about Lou Reed, heard him on the radio last night with 'Walk On The Wildside'. Love that song, but prefer 'Sweet Jane' and then the 'live' version. Great guitar in that one...;)

I forget a lot of the great Mucians and then all of a sudden I hear them on the radio. Real great to hear.

What about U2? You don't like them?
U2 and some more...

Yeah...I have been to a concert by U2 last July 31st.

Man, what Music and what a show. Wonderful. When they came up to start the concert, the base was rolling through the floor, right into your body.:)

Great, I just want to go another time, and again and again. great Music, great Artists and a great show.

I know U2 from their start. Have seen them play several times and it stays great.;)

What about INXS? Do you know about them? They have made some nice Music. But the leadsinger died and the Band is no more. A real pity, for they made such nice Music...

Just got The Doors album: 'Greatest hits' for christmas. Great Music...70 minutes non stop Thje Doors...wonderful.:)

And the c.d. 'A Momentary Lapse Of Reason' by Pink Floyd. Guess I don't have to say anything about that one. Oh, so wonderful...:cool:
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Fathoms, I tried to listen to Zwan. Can't download it.

Can you tell me what kind of Music it is? I can read most of it and am curious how it sounds.:)

Talk to you later...