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Discussion in 'Chemistry' started by John J. Bannan, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. thepump325 Registered Member

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  3. thepump325 Registered Member

    Thanks for filling me in.

    Codeine is listed as a schedule V drug in the U.S.

    I found on what looks like a credible website (can't post the link cuz I'm a noob):

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  5. Xev Registered Senior Member

    Not a problem. If you're willing to take a bit of risk, you can also drive to Canada and simply buy codeine.

    Like I said, last time I bought it was ten years back and it was only available at one pharmacy. Good luck! I'm allergic to salicylates and suffer from migraines, so I feel for anyone who has to deal with chronic pain issues.
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  7. kollege Registered Member

    I am happy to have found this thread as i was exactly looking for the same question.

    Fortunately the question itself is already unsharp, so all the answers really helped me.

    So after reading these answers, i found out why i was asking for the most powerful drug. This can be split into several levels of importance:

    - addictiveness (which is for me absolutely not interesting, ofcos)
    - alteration of physio-mental-condition (like doping)
    - alteration of psycho-mental-condition (hallucinogenic)
    - controllability

    From that view, i would say the most powerful drugs are like mentioned before on opiate-basis. But i also agree with the intensity of caffeine addiction and even nicotine.

    As far as i can speak for myself i have tried some stuff, but stayed away from underground-laboratory-alchemy. So i did never take LSD, Heroin or the like, but i experimented a lot with natural drugs and also meds.

    I frequently consumed a combination of THC and Amanita which really gave me strong demons and even near death experiences. In some cases i even added meds like tranquilizers (non-benzo) and the like. Since this is a mixture and not a basic drug, it does not count as a powerful stand-alone, but i am able to measure my experiences and compare them to reports of others.

    I believe i have always, including my alcohol&meds experiments, landed somewhere between LSD and Heroin. Somewhere along the way, mostly aside the road, puking and begging god for mercy :-D

    The most extreme and intense thing i have *ever* experienced and which is from what i read and heard of it, one of the most powerful things to *really* fuck your mind up, the demon itself: DXM.

    I am happy it was only an accident and i am happy i survived it and i am happy i must never take it again. I did not know that if you take DXM and are a Nicotine addict (smoker), you can experience something like a "fever explosion", which felt like an atom bomb was dropped inside my mind. I had to see the doctor after the experience and i had a 5 or so hours ultra horror trip, being really so ultra far away that i begged to god, please donĀ“t let me die (and i am an agnostic).

    I have read and heard that others had even worse experiences which included unavoidable, unescapable hallicunations, being shut off like comatose, dead alive and stuff like that.

    I have also heard that some take it regularily, to reach these "plateaus" (danger, danger, folks) or even combine dxm with other substances (ultra danger, folks!!).

    I thought the effects i had were an accident, and the stuff i saw was due to overdose and poisoning. But when i got informed, i read, these effects are desired. Go look for yourselves -> erowid.

    As i write this, i still feel upset about that stuff. Thats now 12 years ago. I consider that powerful.

    best regards,
  8. synthesizer-patel Sweep the leg Johnny! Valued Senior Member

    Courtesy of Bill Hicks:

    Did you ever see a positive drugs story on the news?
    Never. News is supposed to be objective. Isn't it supposed to be THE NEWS? But every drugs story is negative.
    Well, hold it: I've had some killer fuckin' times on drugs. Let's hear the whole story.
    Same LSD story every time, and we've all heard it: 'Young man on acid. Thought he could fly. Jumped out of a building. What a tragedy.'
    What a dick! He thought he could fly? Why didn't he take off from the ground, and check it out first?
    You don't see ducks lined up to catch elevators to fly south.

    How about a positive drug story for once?
    Wouldn't that be newsworthy? Just once?
    To base your decision on information rather than scare-tactics and superstition and lies?
    Just once? I think it would be newsworthy."

    "Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves.... Here's Tom with the weather."
  9. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member

    I would say that GREED and POWER are the two most powerful illegal drugs that humankind has ever known.
  10. Creeptology Registered Member

    LSD is most potent dosage wise (0.1g is max effective dose but that's tim leary strength).

    If you mean potential for ruining lives then thats any psychotropic substance thats available. Even weed can do it (especially high THC low CBD stuff). If you have a genetic predisposition it's even more dangerous. I have a close friend who ended up mentally ill for 5 years including hospitalisation (mental health hospital I mean) from cannabis psychosis. If you abuse anything it will burn you, unfortunately I have seen this too many times.

    Individual use does change so impact on life from a drug varies too, using heroin once a year is not as damaging as using speed once a day for instance. However some might seem more addictive but even still personality and individual metabolism and genetics etc plays a part. Some things do seem very damaging, which can be accredited to the impurities as well as the drug itself. Meth, crack and heroin spring to mind.

    Meth cooked up from suzy reduction method is dirty. Often polluted with unspent reactants including MEK (methyl ethyl ketone, if you are unfamiliar basically NOT NICE STUFF), toluene, HCl etc etc. When cooks suppliment chemical reagents that are easy to trace with stuff like the contents of batteries it gets even dirtier.

    Heroin is the same. Average street purity is around 4% (hence people do quart gram bags in one and don't turn blue, 250mg will kill most people). When it's made from homebake methods it's even dirtier, such as the codeine demethylation method which leaves all kinds of crap in the stuff like NaOH, HCl, pyridine compounds etc. It's not even heroin although is sold as that. It's morphine (or slightly modified depending on raw material) no diacetylmorphine (heroin, which has even nastier reagents again).

    Take into account the chemists who make it do so cheaply and without purifying so impurities remain such as unspent reagents. Also yields dictate you wont get 100% conversion as most will know 100% yield reactions are rare. There will remain plenty of unspent reagent and intermediates and byproducts in the final (pure) product.

    Then people with no knowledge of chemistry or pharmacy cut the stuff with bulking agents and secondary effect drugs (usually cheap to give slightly different effect like ketamin, caffeine, ephedrine and like in speed and E, diphenhydramine and like in cheese heroin). These people don't understand yields and think the stuff is 100% pure when comes out the labs. The further down the line it goes the dirtier it gets.
  11. draqon Banned Banned

  12. Vkothii Banned Banned

    Did you know there's a synthetic ester of THC that's 200 times stronger than ordinary THC?
    It's a stereoisomer, and can't occur naturally. Being that strong, it's in the same league as LSD - you need micrograms, not milligrams.

    P.S. The US Army spent gazillions growing and synthesizing THC and its analogues, back in the 70s. They apparently developed some pretty mean cultivars.
  13. EmmZ It's an animal thing Registered Senior Member

    :bravo: Good post Creept'!
  14. Creeptology Registered Member

    As for crack strong crack will drop you. I mean completely drop you. Most is made from Cocaine HCl with the HCl salt being converter with sodium bicarb. Since it's often end users who do this the coke HCl is often shit. Take into account my post above. Then the reaction leaves a load of salt (NaCl, table salt) in the mix. Drying it out makes a cracking noise as crystal forms and water leaves hence the name. Much of the coke these days is benzocaine, lignocaine. lidocaine, ephedrine, pseudoephedrine (suzy), caffeine, glucose, fructose etc laced with some people even using non active bulking agents like milk powder.

    If you made pure Cocaine base crystal with good pure HCl and good reagents and purified it checking it's melting point to get as close as possible it will do more than be a strong cup of coffee.
  15. Creeptology Registered Member

    F* me I didn't know that, lets hope that doesn't become available on the street. THC alone is a pretty nasty trip.
  16. EmmZ It's an animal thing Registered Senior Member

    For the betterment of science you should make this up for us and we'll test it out for you.
  17. Creeptology Registered Member

    Give me a place to cook and I will. Only joking I don't even do drugs now. Although I have in the past I am clean these days. THC can be purified easily but although I never tried it everyone I know who has say it puts you on a downer pretty quick. Just makes you depressed and heavy. Medical stuff it is the same but they started mixin with CBD like occurs in natural unmoded plant to stop ill effect (bad effect, not speaking in ebonics meaning good effects). I watched a program about this not too long back but remember howard marks used to do something similar.
  18. EmmZ It's an animal thing Registered Senior Member

    TOO LATE. You already said you will. Can I call you Mickey Rourke from now on?
  19. Spud Emperor solanaceous common tater Registered Senior Member

    "Johnny fave whit".
  20. John99 Banned Banned

    That was a good post indeed Creepto. I still say most cocaine sold today is just cut with meth\speed. And you are right that stuff is often like battery acid, i can only imagine whatg it does to the vascular sytem.

    Nothing good comes from hard drug use. I am pretty sure a tiny line of heroin will send you for a loop compared to a hit of crack. The thing is that first time use and long term use is a big difference when it comes to how 'powerful' a drug really is.
  21. EmmZ It's an animal thing Registered Senior Member

    Exqueeze me?
  22. Spud Emperor solanaceous common tater Registered Senior Member

    Mickey Rourke circa ..Oh fuck, what was it?
    Angel Heart, that's it ( Lisa Bonet looking hot, Mickey passing for someone who could act, De Niro in a forgettable role), anyway..Mickey Rourke.

    BTW, how badly miscast was he in 9 and a half weeks?
    And kimmie was shithouse too.
  23. Creeptology Registered Member

    I like him in Sincity, funny since he looks a bit like Marv without makeup like Ron Perlman looks like hellboy and other mutants.

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