A to Z game of life

Just once more, Cottontop, too much of this might just drive me sane! Wait a minute! Beep... beep.... beep!!! That was the out of order bell... Perhaps you neglected to notice that my previous post began with "HI"!! *__- Just like that!

This thread is like a Rubic's Cube from Hell! I really must duck out.
Of mice and men,
I'm back agan,
to tell you of the frog;

Put a frog, live, in a pan
turn up the heat
as fast as you can!
Out he'll jump and run away;
but heat him slow
and 'till cooked he'll stay.
"Reality must rigidly adhere to that which is in an unchanging state of universal permanence." -Vedanta
Uugh, nearly 6 months since I first forayed into this thread and stated "Vaginas are weird" for the first letter V. Anyone got something good for this V?
Virtual reality is as close as we can get. (Bye the bye, they might be weird, but they make great appetizers! *__- )