are we all insane?

I do know how difficult it is to stop to some, but personally quitting is not a problem. I just told myself I would quit, and quit.

Cold turkey.

My mom did the same thing much earlier in life.

It's all a matter of being able to control your body and mind, not a difficult task if you have half a brain.

Try it with Coke. Drink two coke's a day for 3 months. Then try and stop. Yes, it is very, very hard. Yes, physically you feel dependant. But yes, mentally all you have to do is not reach out and open a can.
Im not talking about a physical adiction but a CHEMICAL one (you really CAN'T live without it)
Yes i personally havent been hocked on any of them but i have a lot of friends who are
Yes I have, same with my mother.
Like I said, it's a matter of will power. If you can control yourself, you can do anything.
That's not just a saying!
You are very lucky to escape but my friends have tried and tried to escape but they don't seem able to please try to have compassion for other people
I think you all a bunch of nuts..........


For something like smoking or alcohol, yes it is INCREDIBLY difficult.

But not impossible. The possibilities are only limited by your will power.
I do agree with Tyler and I would even like to add something that I wrote somewhere else... in other words, of course...

"Greater is the man who beats himself than the one who beats ten thousand."
Myself :)

Ok, so I'm legally insane, and what's up with tht.
I do not have problems with tht and if you have, then it's your problem:D


btw---really everyone who suceeds in this test must be acknowledged insane;)