Cancer cure in microtubules

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Time to close, then?
You don't play by the rules, sir!
It is you who is introducing random examples unrelated objects.

And when I reply to them, you blame me for the shift in focus.

Please stay on topic, so that I can continue to develop a perspective based on the facts!
It looks like this has turned into just another random journey through Write4U's meandering thoughts about how microtubules really are the bees knees.

And why should they not be involved with the spread of cancerous cells? Answer me that !

Nah. I think we're done with this.

Recall why your big microtubule thread was closed. At a certain point, it became impossible to progress any useful conversation with you on the topic. Your most recent replies here show that nothing has changed. You didn't even attempt to address most of the questions I asked you.

So, closed.
Not open for further replies.