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I hate the commercial for Pillsbury individually frozen dinner rolls. The mom is just so complacent and accepting of the fact that her family wanders in any ol' damn time they please and expect to have a hot and hearty meal served up to them like she's some kinda personal cafeteria. And gosh, if she didn't have frozen rolls ready to go when they got in, she just wouldn't know what to do with herself.

Nauseating. Annoying. Painfully retro. What decade is this woman from?

(Not to mention, although I'm gonna, that there is absolutely nothing remotely special about having frozen bread. This is easily accomplished by placing any roll you like into the freezer. And unless her family is subsisting on bread alone, doesn't really do much in the way of helping her provide a decent meal.)

I hate that commercial with the dough boy too, that stupid woman so unbelievably stereotypical, jesus christ its f*cking amazing what people put on tv today. I'm sorry not to have the privelage to have seen the 'mervyns' commercial, but there is one for this council for, like, people that take too much drugs for the common cold or something. They have this retarded guy come in and say "well I was taking a pain reliever and a pain reliever when I only needed one! I could've died!' I'm sorry, but if they make worthless commercials like that howsabout they start advertising common sense (i.e "when you go to sleep, close your eyes, as leaving them open can strain the pupils.")

I also hate any commericals for aspirin. Tylenol, to be blunt, seems like it's 'everyone's bitch.' Every last manufacturer of medicine says 'it would take eight pieces of shit-er-tylenol, to do that.' And also those prescription drug (other than Lipitor, those commercials are awsome:D ) commercials, saying that you can cure cancer but risk sudden an unexplainable implosion are a joke.

But for good commericals I would say just about any movie preview, since the guys behind them always make them really good, the seven up guy (s), hmm, there are a lot of funny ones that I can't think of, but the key to having a good commerical is good comedy.
My favorite commercial is the california cheese one. Where the cows are sittin around complaining about their aching feet, and then a earthquake comes and the cows are moaning in relief. And then you hear a voice, saying, Good cheese comes from happy cows!
Ha! That kills me!

Groove on

Oh wait, were supposed to be talking about BAD commercials,:bugeye: Sorry
the one...i'm not even sure what it's for...with the singing belly buttons. that commercial just creeps me out (not to mention the navels have an annoying voice) and i have to change the channel as soon as it comes on.
Man, those god damn Mentos commercials never fail to have me throwing stuff at the TV.
This is tricky for me cos I am english - so I've never seen any of ur adverts; having said that, occasionally over here we see adverts which were made round yours; "Just For Men" and "Herbal Essences" for one.

We have a different attitude to adverts here; it seems that US adverts are more about saying the name of the product as many times as possible. Englih adverts focus on making the adverts memorable; and focus on the products second. This is a good system :) . It means that we do not get bored or tired of the adverts; but sometimes we forget what they're advertising.

Gawd they annoy the hell outta me!

You works 'em or hate 'em and either way you end up remembering them....which is what they want anyway. OF COURSE YOU WON'T FIND ME BUYING CAR INSURANCE FROM THOSE IDIOTS JUST 'CUZ I HATE THEIR COMMERCIALS....screw 'em!
I like the Bud beer commercials with Louie and Frank. In the summer there are on the radio and some of them are just hilarious.

But that complaining Geico lizard is just crap. I think he needs more than a name change. Like maybe a new product. Another are those term life insurance commercials and those "info-mercials" where they get some idiot to stand up there and repeat over and over again it such a great thing. Who can stand a half hour of that garbage.

And those "and there's more" thrown in for free. They should be throwing in the kitchen sink for the price. You know, those $19.99 specials. (Why is it no one want's that last penny? Did they think it was so valuable? What can you buy for a penny?) Here they charge you $20 for a $2 or $3 item and try and make it sound like you can not live without it. DUH! Who's the dummy here?
The Old Navy commercials. Who are these people, and where did they get those fake smiles? Why are they lacking personality? Why is the lady's voice SO annoying? Who wrote the script for this cheesy crap? Questions that we may never have the answers to. :rolleyes:
I write the songs...

That commercial for Barry Manilows greatest hits?really makes me sick!!! And get a free poster of Barry!
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this is my favourite, its not really annoying though

crap, sorry guys, they destroyed

Well some of you may have seen it. Remember John west bear fight? The salmon commercial. I loved that one. Had it saved on my comp but it dissapeared.

Oh well, they said theyd be relaunching.:rolleyes:
The new commercial for the Mitsubishi Eclipse just creeps me out horribly. You know, the one with the girl "pop-locking" in the passenger seat for no apparent reason except that she's in an Eclipse.

Give me a break.

Kid dejectedly looks into lunchbag day after day, getting gloomier and gloomier over the prospect of yet another PBJ and an apple... until that Golden Day when Mom FINALLY gets with the program and puts a Lunchables box in there! YES!!! Fist-pumping and high fives follow.

Yes, if you truly love your kids you'll pump 'em full of fat and nitrites. Otherwise you're just a cheap, heartless, selfish bitch for taking the time to give your kid a real home-made lunch.


Brings to mind an old story.
This fellow was working in a wood mill during the depression era. Every day his wife fixed his lunch, which was a boiled potato, and put it in a can. He would go off by himself to eat because he didn't want the other workers to see how poorly he ate. One day he decieded to steal a fellows lunch to see how good others ate. So he went off by hisself to eat. When he opened the can that served as a lunch buckett, he found several hickory nuts and a hammer. The moral that no matter how bad, someone else doesn't always have it better.
I'm from sweden but I hate most of the comersials here, I thought to myself that I would probably be more effected by a comersial if it said excatly why its better then the competing products, like...

This car is better then all other cars because it has A and this B that works like this, and just look at this chart for the price, its way lower then car C

Then just

a trailer showing a pollished car drinving in slowmotion and a slogan at the end "We care" or something stupid
no one not in Australia will get this one but sunrasia adds

perfect pancake

has anyone seen the perfect pancake pan infomercial?
the one where the woman trys to pour batter into a regular pan,
but that results in a messy mess oh no!,
then she gets the perfect pancake a wanabe waffle thingy that constructs immaculate pancakes.
if you buy the maker you also the no drip batter dispenser,
that resembles a human rectum.
and you also get a cookie cutter thing that goes in the pan and constructs heart shaped pancakes! WOW!
and all this seems to come with the perfect wife as she pours the batter makes you friggin breakfast, and does not even spill her batter.
she looks so happy and glorified as she makes f*cking pancakes!

what the hell is going on?