Commercials That Piss You Off

I think those Oxyclean infomercials are funny myself, but along the lines of something I hate - Having Navels sing is so wrong .... painfully wrong.

(also I'm new here and would like to say hi/I like the site)
If you've ever seen the discovery science channel they run nothing but this one insurance commercial, it really pisses me off, cause they have breaks like every five minutes, and all I see is this one insurance commercial ten times. I sometimes find myself flipping through the channels in search of better commercials.
carrot top is a lame american comedian,
he does 1-800-collect commericials.
i made a mistake carrot top actually does 1-800-CALLATT commercials but you guys can forgive me for not knowing i hope

the 1-800-COLLECT ones piss me off just as much though that eva savealot is such a biatch
I find Singular commercials very offensive because they are all really stupid.