Finish my Sentence

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this thread makes no sense.

You all stink at telling stories.

most of you anyway.

I think the reason the story gets muddled up is because you receive an e mail with 'the story so far' and you add your bit to that without realising that the story has moved on so that when your bit gets added it is consequently out of sync. That's what happened to me anyway.

Of course it wasn't always that way, there was a time when...
i got on a train with robots with tv heads wearing robes like the sith, giving them orders when the train turned a corner aside a green mountain, i flew out- falling a thousand feet into water so then I....
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put paid to that idea; I then remembered that I had an automatic blow-up dinghy in my shorts so I pulled the string but my shorts fell off and I felt so stupid; I pulled the wrong string. Meanwhile, my plight got suddenly much worse as the piranhas got sight of my dangly bits shimmering in their line of vision...
and they were just about to nibble away when I remembered that I had my "anti-piranah spray", but when reached into my pocket...
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