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Go out and buy the CD 'Agaetis Byrjun'!
When I first heard it I cried.

I don't know exactly how big this band is in Europe, but in the US, they've got no public profile at all, and you really have to look for the album. But in Europe, I don't know, maybe they're already huge.
Zwan/Sigor Ros


Zwan are a recently formed group (somewhere in mid 2001). They consist of indie rockers David Pajo (Slint, Papa M), Matthew Sweeny (Chavez), Ex-Smashing Pumpkins Frontman Billy Corgan and Drummer Jimmy Chamberlin. The Influences of the group include the Doors, The Rolling Stones, U2, Pink Floyd, New Order, R.E.M, Blues Music alltogether, Bob Dylan, and the members former groups (similarities are unavoidable)... The music is very multi-dimensional, spanning from 9 minute Doors like rock epics (like Jesus I) to uplifting dream rock (Glorious). Because the band is still a work in progress, there is plenty of room for experimentation. As far as I know they have four seperate incarnations (Zwan, The True Poets of Zwan, Djali Zwan, Zwan?). Each with distinctively different sounds, different melodies, lyrical styles. I think its safe to say at this point though that a great deal of the music is either very relaxed with a timeless feel to it, or cosnsists of upbeat love anthems with depth. They are a very intimate band.

Because frontman Billy is a workaholic 80+ songs have already been cemented but only 40 have been performed live at the six small club shows they have played so far. Despite the unfinished lyrics, minimal rehearsal time and vocal limitations (that haven't seemed to be a problem thus far) I can really see this band being a positive and refreshing addition to anyones musical collection. First album details haven't been released. Though I do believe recording begins early Febuary.

Websites: (most of The emerson lake show is available to listen too under the 'songs' section though there have been problems. (official one, though not very useful at this point)


There does seem to be a little bit of a buzz around Sigor Ros around here even though they are about as far away from mainstream as is possible. 'Agaetis Byrjun' is very refreshing and enjoyable to listen to, especially late at night because it just has those kind of ambient/chamber dynamics that make it so. Its' great not understanding anything about them, or the words that are sung on the album. It keeps them mysterious and interesting, open for interpretation.

Another album I would reccomend to everyone is New Order's 'Get Ready'. It's excellent.
At the moment,

Lucinda Williams, Shawn Colvin, Nanci Griffith, Lucy Kaplansky, Julie Miller, Bob Dylan, Dar Williams, Shawn Mullins, Sarah Harmer, Tori Amos.

Thank you for the information. I know the Smashing Pumpkins.
I certainly go listen a little to Zwan.:) It sounds great, like you describe it. My kind of Music.

New Order has great songs also. But I am not that familiar with New Order. I know some of their work and that was good Music...oh yes.

Thank you so much.;) You'll hear what I think about Zwan.
Talk to you later...:)
Hey banshee, how ya doin?

If you haven't alrerady done so, Leave the house now! if you have no spare cash, busk, or mug somebody. If it's late go to an all night music store or break down the doors and find an album called
By the goddess


When you get it home, Dim the lights, put your headphones on, smoke a joint and close your eyes.... Then listen, at least five times.

You will never forget the moment.

That goes for the rest of you guys....

Are you still here?
Trust me... I'm BRITISH!!
Hey Bbcboy...

Thank you for the tip. I'll listen to Tori Amos. Sounds good the way you describe it. Good advice with it too.;)

Zwan IS good too, listen to it. Just klick on the link given by Fathoms.

Oh, I love Music. Go on people, more Music stories and favorites please.

Does anybody of you know the Music by Muse...?:cool:
Current Market

In my opinion the music market is a little stale, excluding some ovious hits of course. I think the scene is changing and not everyone who is hip now will make the transition. It happens to the best.......