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I will be attending a rave this weekend and wanted to hear your thoughts and experiences of those, if you have any?

How do you like the music? The atmosphere? The people?

I´m no big fan, but the arrangers of this particular outdoors rave(in the forest) are old friends of mine which I haven´t met for a long time, so I´m mostly going there to meet them.

Any tips how to make the best of the situation? Any traps to avoid? Should I bring earplugs?:D
Not a fan of raves

But I can tell you to drink massive amounts of water before, during, and after the experience. Avoid nitrous at raves--it's best done at home, listening to Monster Magnet's Spine of God. I'm ambivalent about Ecstasy; everyone I know who takes it likes it, but I have a personal bender against methamphetamine.

If you've already resolved these points for yourself, then go right ahead and ignore me ;)

But have fun, be safe, and all that jazz.

Oh, the direct answers: not a fan of rave music; the 140/minute contrast just doesn't do it for me. Earplugs are an ok idea, if you don't need them just put 'em in your pocket. Expect to be around a mass of horny people. How to make the best of it? Well, if you're going to go in the first place (like I said, I'm not a rave fan), dance your ass off :D

Tiassa :cool:

That sounds dangerous! :D

I have never tried ecstacy actually, but amphetamine, and for what I´ve understood the experience is similar. And since I didn´t like that very much, I don´t think I will bother to try. It´s too hyped anyway...:rolleyes:

I will stick to drinking water ,smoking " catnip" and yes, dancing my ass off!!!

I will report back later, after the incident/experience..or whatever...
I've been to a rave on ectasy before and it was heaps good, but I think that had more to do with the drugs I was on.
Doof doof just isn't the same without them. If your a fan of dance music and you can dance your arse of for hours on end without them then it should be cool. People on ectasy are generally a happy bunch to be around, and yes, incredibly horny.
I must point out that I no longer take ectasy and would advise against it, although its lots of fun when your on it, the damage it does to your health is disturbing, but if you don't care about your health, go for it.
Dance for hours

Yeah, dance for hours and hours. But I do not need extacy, I hate that stuff, really.
A lot of rotten things happened here not so long ago because of bad extacy, be careful with that, it is not only amphetamine:(

To dance my ass off, I don't need that , I dance at home everyday.....without extacy, but often I do have smoked a little marijuana, so I can say nothing, in principle.

But it is so difficult to tell which pills are safe, and which are not.
Please people, take care with extacy:cool:
The love, the magic!!!!!

:D :D :D

The rave was a fantastic experience, full of LOVE and MAGIC! No ecstacy, only natural drugs.
Me and my partner experienced a spiritual rebirth of our love which was so great and amazing that it could have made the universe cry from happiness! It was.....BLISS!!!!

Love to everybody!

:D :D :D
I am so glad everything went well for you...

Keep up the sunny feeling;)
sounds like u had a great time, good for you,i've never heard of a rave affecting someone so well,its good to hear.
It had a profound effect!

I came to aprreciate "rave-music" more too. It has many variations and different styles if you start to really listen to it. Especially my friends music, which he played there, was very suitable for a forest rave. You could almost see and hear the trolls emerging from the woods. :D
Very organic music.

Never been to a rave. I heard of it on tv. There was a special and it was not all about the drugs used, though there was some on that. But music, the artists, the ideas behind it, all which sounded nice. And laced to the background throughout it was the music. Very interest in it I became. I saw nothing worng with the ideas and thought in some ways it was better than what I have seen before this. I truely enjoyed it.
Music is definitely what matters at those type of events, as for a state of euphoria, that can be seen as naturally occuring as everybody around you in high spirits tends to lift you also.
(Possibly because of the chemicals they sweat while on their differing substances)

I know in Britain when the legislation was passed about illegal gatherings was passed they certainly did crimp the style, people were no longer allowed to enjoy the outside unless all the surround councils, tennants and land owners agreed, this forced all those people to push the limits of clubs (to even make them exceed the fire safety levels)

Of course if they were allowed to come back I wonder would that bring back the spirit of some of the young, or was it all these stories of people dieing on drugs that made them decide that the gathers would no longer be allowed (I shall never really understand)

I did once go to a pretty big venue that involved more than one club in a town because instead of differing music being contained in a different room of one club, they had multiple clubs all playing at the same time.

87 people were arrested for Drugs offences out of 10,000 and for that the Town said "No more", yet when you look at the percentage of people that were arrested. 0.87% arrested for drugs offenses, that percentage I would class as acceptable for the turn out, it proved that our town was hell bent on killing anything that could possibly increase it's economy.
Now the town suffers a great number of social security cases and alot of dodgy hyperdemic people have moved into the area (The locals are leaving in droves)

The police....

The police came in the morning of the last day, so everybody was leaving anyway, so it was most embarrasing for the arrangers. But raves has also become illegal here, so we were very careful not to call it a rave. The police did their bets though to make anybody say the word. They also made up very obvious lies. For example that the landowners had complained about the music, but the landowners were the arrangers. :rolleyes: And when we complained about that they filmed people, they said that they didn´t film....:rolleyes: So the cameras was for what then? :confused:

I think it´s outrageous that people can not gather and dance, just because a special kind of music is played. If it had been a countrymusic festival for example, would they have interferred then?:confused:

And now, because of the NY tragedy, they police are getting even more power. I´m beginning to think that this was an ellaborate plan made by the world leaders to gain more power over the people. And it looks like the people are just fine with that.
such a drag.

I know exactly what you mean Bebelina, I've stoped going to outdoorparties a while ago because of these goddam cops, every rave we arrange they find.
The helicopter is allways abowe us and then they arrive at the scen pulling the plug.
such a drag:(

But they will come to their senses soon enough...:D

Maybe we were at the same party then, since you live in Örebro, as you said in another topic? :confused:

Bebelina, I don't think it was the same party, though I have been to these Örebro-parties about a year ago, maybe two.

I was supposed to attend to a 2-day-rave outside GBG that an old friend of mine where arranging but before I even got there I was "arrested"(they'd beat the shit out of me:mad:) They thought I was that guy who escaped from vitfeldska during the EU-topmeeting this summer. So I never did make it to the party and that makes me pretty sad cus it was supposed to be the first rave in a long, long time, except for the Arvika-festival.

Muliboy: I don't even wanna talk about what I've met in the woods, I't can be very scary, but what a journey:D
Oh, how horrible!

I hope you didn´t get any permanent injuries? :confused:
Have you reported this back to the police?
well, Bebelina, no really permanent injuries except for a little loss of fealing in my fingers because of those damned handcuffs and the marks of them.
I have'nt reported it, which makes me feel very irrisponsible for myself, my friend, who where with me, and all the people who where there for a sake other than throwing rocks at the police, though I would probably do the same thing if I it had happen to me erlier, and where treated in a way I couldent beleave ever would happen here in Sweden. But we now see how much it really matters anyway when not even the cop who shot Johannes Westberg will be prosecuted. so it feels very pointless. though I know that the only way to fight this thing is the number of the people who is aware.
Yes, but...

...I still think you should report it, because it was wrong of them to do that, and by reporting that you tell them that you think it was wrong. If nothing happens, then nothing happens, but at least you made your statement. It showes them that you are aware, and that they are not. :)

Btw, what did YOU meet in the woods? :p

Maybe you would understand better if we talked in swedish, Bobby??? :D

What don´t you understand then? :) Tell me, then maybe I can explain it to you. :)