Never been to an outdoor rave, sounds like alot of fun, I live in the USA in Oregon, a city by the name of Eugine nearby holds the local 'High-Five' Cannibus festival though, that is held outdoors on about 5 acres of land. It's an absolute blast, they have tons and tons of stands selling everything you can imagine(Mostly a bunch of hippies, members of the Rainbow Family) including but not limited to sprigs of leafs off of pot plants wear in your hair, flowers... special 'brownies' and all sorts of treats containing natural substances for the fun-lovers :) They also bring in some neat local bands and have a beer garden. If you ever visit the northwestern portion of the US in August, I highly reccomend checking it out :)
So, I have done and still do x on a normal basis, and go to raves, etc. However, I would suggest, if you decide to go to the rave, go with someone you trust. What u do while you are there, let it be. Just be careful. I love Raves, I love to dance...and if you love to dance a rave is the place to be. I personally won't do anything but dance though. I leave all my 'x' play for small house parties around people I'm comfortable with. Bottom of the line, be careful and have fun. You know what your morals are, just follow them and don't let ANYONE change your mind about how u believe.